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  • my talented bruvas!
  • sending my love <3
  • a combination of pictureplane & crystal castles/kap bambino, very good
  • you perfoming at my mates 16thh :)
  • hmm is kinda cool, but ill like it more with more bass or maybe better speakers hahaha but is cool definetly u have talent
  • lets check it out
  • I like it!!!:D
  • aa! n!ce
  • HI! :D Where can i find the lyrics to your songs? (i can't understand everything xD) Looove this band <3
  • this sounds awesome =D i like it a lot ^^
  • good luck with this, sounding promising lads
  • yeaah. i like the sound and agree with alice xD
  • Still reeks of amateurishness, but I think its just the vocalist with unprofessional gear, which isn't exactly cheap. You guys don't sound half bad, and to be honest, you'll go far if you stick at it. The guy who does the backing tracks is brilliant, but the vocalist still has that... young boy/not fully developed singing voice sound. sorry, just my take on it. but stick at it, i can see you guys getting a following in the underground electro scene if you can really make your music your own, and get a regular sound going.
  • Oh my gosh! You guys are TOTALLY amazing! I really liked your stuff! I'm already a fan, i hope you have a great future ahead :D
  • i wanted to check this out but i saw babycakes tshirt on their main photo and ill pass
  • 2 listeners :P

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