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  • Review of Atmosfear here, check it out!
  • I like only half of the new album... but their present frontman has a very good voice live !
  • цепляет
  • new album will need to grow on me.
  • Awesome stuff indeed !
  • anyone know of a live torrent for the great rebellious?
  • Awesome stuff! This band kick ass!!!
  • Kobrin... It's the way it's played I believe, not just some half arsed rip off.
  • Badass stuff.
  • From the website: We welcome Romeo Gerrits (Victimizer) as the replacement for Michiel van der Plicht and Petra Guijt (Deadcell, Soulreaver, 11th Hour) as the replacement for Vince Zwarts. The bassguitar will be abused by Barry Geerligs (Death Squad). So Gogdelb, your new line up has two members in it that are in the band, the rest is history!
  • Great Band, fucking awesome tunes!
  • this is really really good
  • wowen in this band makes so different.
  • Anyone interested in joining a metal group? or forum?
  • good band
  • great band
  • They had some punker kid performing bass on Metropolis. o.O Wtf's up with that?
  • The girl is the bass player. Granted theyre not exectly a groundbreaking band in terms of how extreme they are. But they do what they do so well which is great in itself, there are too many DM bands now that cant even play live.
  • New album, is a solid slab of groovy death metal, with superb drumming.
  • Just standard stuff, can't see how they get all these 'good' reviews, for they really don't add anything new
  • Gonna see them November 10. :)
  • standard dm but they do it well!

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