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  • Avatar de victimofkratina
    glad i rediscovered this going through my mp3 library. its been years!
  • Avatar de adamlewcz
    this song just clicks with something inside of me
  • Avatar de rabbitluck
    such a good sound
  • Avatar de SLJRabling
    <3 <3
  • Avatar de relaxdud3
    love this so much
  • Avatar de thechesscafe
    nice on a rainy night
  • Avatar de surfbum76
  • Avatar de theXmodernXage
  • Avatar de revrend_slapaho
    I dig the band but they have a shitty fan base....DIE HIPSTERS DIE
  • Avatar de Josh_Sense
    so goood.
  • Avatar de musikjunkie3
    yes same kristal:) but its a pity that the song is only 1.30 minutes...
  • Avatar de kristalb93
    Reminds me of Two Door cinema Club but i love both if those bands so it doesnt matter:D
  • Avatar de barunderthesea
    and they suck live! still a great song though...
  • Avatar de tttaco112
    kinda soudns like arctic monkeys/two door cinema club. kinda
  • Avatar de tttaco112
    good stuufff
  • Avatar de SylasTheNinja
  • Avatar de madskillz84
    just saw them live...EXCELLENT!
  • Avatar de gloraenautical
    we've got tracks covered thanks to your older brotha!
  • Avatar de vividyouth
    Tokyo police club for the win!! :D
  • Avatar de soundslikenoise
    go! :)
  • Avatar de EctoDave
    middlenamejames, hang your luddite head in shame.
  • Avatar de mmmmmsmith14
    im pretty sure this is commenting on the track that is being played, which is Tokyo police club - nature of the experiment.
  • Avatar de middlenamejames
    All these comments - "great band" and "love this track" etc. But this is a radio channel so there's no way to tell who or what anyone is referring to.
  • Avatar de surfbum76
    great band with an amazing debut!
  • Avatar de herrh1977
    hit?! big BIG live disappointment though...
  • Avatar de meedmusic
  • Avatar de Dipshizz
    Adore this band :)
  • Avatar de tameka25
    This band is just epic.
  • Avatar de AshlenaAres
    Im starting to really love this band! x x x
  • Avatar de walkingtheroots
    <3 this band!!
  • Avatar de missyb144
  • Avatar de LaVieDeLisa
    I haven't heard this in soooo long, but this is my favorite of their songs I know of.
  • Avatar de TuneBlendR
    I agree, an awesome band to catch Live...
  • Avatar de hellodenise
    i love tis song!
  • Avatar de colouredskies
    no, they are amazing live!
  • Avatar de bogusbong
    they sound bad live:0
  • Avatar de CommetBoxJunky
    Wow! I had no idea they were the artist that made this track.
  • Avatar de RonkeOmo
    GOSH! This song is like the journey of a day!
  • Avatar de lizzthawizz
  • Avatar de helikesher
    i totally agree with l-la:)
  • Avatar de l-la
    # this song has so many moods, i love it! ^^ Profil anzeigen | savingthrow777 einen Shout schreiben # rafagadeviento schrieb: September 2009 Pure energy !!! Profil anzeigen | rafagadeviento einen Shout schreiben # terrastrana schrieb: September 2009 Probably my favorite TPC song. So awesome live.
  • Avatar de savingthrow777
    this song has so many moods, i love it! ^^
  • Avatar de rafagadeviento
    Pure energy !!!
  • Avatar de faatbuddha
    i think this live version is from Monolith last year... anyone?
  • Avatar de alfakir
  • Avatar de classyj8
    for some reason my version sounds better than this one, this one sounds off or something
  • Avatar de Strmtrooper1013
    awsome and concise.
  • Avatar de tyrreee
    "its an ancient russian proverb, i doubt its one that u heard" ^_^
  • Avatar de megansmall
  • Avatar de shhhhhins


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