• Wherein I announce my candidacy for the Prince of Raï

    10 avr. 2007, 19h47m par toasterhead2k

    Ladies and gentlemen:

    Peace be upon you.

    For the past several months there has been much speculation in the mass media regarding a potential run for the Prince of Raï. Hitherto I have been silent on this issue as the consequences and benefits of this decision have been weighed and scrutinized. Today it is with great happiness and indigeration that I put this speculation to rest.

    I would like to formally announce my candidacy for the office of Prince of Raï.

    I realize that this is but the first step in a long campaign. One that will bring challenges, obstacles, successes, invigorating debate, and - God willing - a victory. I am prepared for all these, and boldly go into this campaign with confidence and vigor.

    Of course, I would also like to salute my competitors - worthy adversaries such as Rachid Taha, Khaled, Cheb Mami, and of course the incumbent Faudel. I look forward to a good, clean campaign - a competition of ideas rather than insults, virtue rather than vitriol, piss rather than vinegar.