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Ce groupe punk rock de San Fransisco débute au milieu des 90's. Ils font un carton avec leur premier album « Third Eye Blind » (1997), dont ils vendent 6 millions d'exemplaires. Ils ont participé à la BO du film pour ados « American Pie ».

Membres: * Stephan Jenkins – chant, guitare * Arion Salazar – basse, chant * Tony Fredianelli – guitare, chant * Brad Hargreaves - batterie

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  • Avatar de CagedElephants
    Will have to catch up on reading all these shouts at a later date, but yes ootv was I believe entirely about charlize
  • Avatar de CagedElephants
    Agreed. Dopamine is more along the lines of a Jenkins solo album, written with Brad. I would have liked more riffage myself, but where there is riffage I thought Kryz did an excellent job. They're well-written songs no doubt, it's just different. OOTV > Ursa > Blue > Dopamine > 3eb. Always.
  • Avatar de 1000julys
    Couldn't have summed it up better myself.
  • Avatar de thekillingspree
    I have to agree with both last couple of shouts. I understand why lambophil didn't quite manage to get into "Dopamine". I've always seen 3eb as a sort of rock band that would have lots of satisfying guitar riffs on every album, and then "Dopamine" appears, and it sounds different. After noticing the lack of riffage action, I was expecting to not be able to enjoy the album that much. But, alas, 1000julys is right, the melodies are great (even without the usual guitars), songs are still catchy and nicely crafted and the songwriting on "Dopamine" truly shows Jenkins has not lost his golden touch yet. Personally, I was able to listen beyond the disappointing lack of a rock sound in "Dopamine" and enjoy the songs exactly as they are. If you've enjoyed everything so far from the band, lambophil, I hope you'll be able to put aside your thirst for rocking riffs and really listen to the album. It's definitely another gem on the 3eb catalogue.
  • Avatar de 1000julys
    It's more about the song writing than the riffs though. It has some of the most solid songs Jenkins has ever written on it.
  • Avatar de lambophil
    "Dopamine" has some serious lack of riff-tastiness (the whole album doesn't even sound like a rock album anymore)" - this is why I can't get into Dopamine at all. To me there is no 'essence of TEB' riff wise in there.
  • Avatar de 1000julys
    I thought so to be honest.
  • Avatar de thekillingspree
    "He has a Bronze bust of her in his house." Now that's just downright creepy.
  • Avatar de 1000julys
    I think she did get to him a lot. If i remember correctly from an episode of Cribbs. He has a Bronze bust of her in his house.
  • Avatar de thekillingspree
    After reading all these comments around here about "Ursa Major" I honestly don't understand why I enjoy that album so much. I reckon it's not their best (Stephan himself mentioned he was struggling to get that album done, hence why it took so long to see the light of day) but, somehow, it's an album I always go back to and can never get tired of it (unlike, maybe, "Out of the Vein"). The only reason I don't like "Dopamine" more than I like "Ursa Major" (and I like "Dopamine" A LOT) is because "Dopamine" has some serious lack of riff-tastiness (the whole album doesn't even sound like a rock album anymore). Not sure who the lead guitarist on "Dopamine" is, but I'm guessing it's no one memorable. Not to try to pick on you, Zach, but I absolutely loathe "I Want You", I've always skipped that song ever since I bought the album back in the 90s. I guess I'm a special kind of 3eb fan. A lonely one... *sigh* Also, the whole OotV was about Charlize? That's mental! Did she get into him THAT much?

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