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  • Avatar de UnoPuffnstuff
    Third Day is my favorite Christian band
  • Avatar de krutoipatsan
    And I will put hostility between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring; her offspring will attack(german tranlations say "smash") your head, and you will attack her offspring’s heel.” So, if we will smash the devils head, why follow the old dragon? The bible says we will reign with Jesus withn a crow at our heads. He will make us a home in heaven. Why should an intelligent person want to burn in hell an never die? Must be an very stupid intelligent person. The bible says that Satan is a lier, so why believe him? I hope that you will find your way, Doug. I hope you will find the way to Jesus who died for us and doesn't want us to die. Did you know, that Satan hates you? He trys to use you and promises you heaven on earth. By the way: do you know anyone who lives in darkness who has "heaven on earth"? no? Maybe because heaven is where Christ is. And in the end, you will get NOTHING but pain! Did you realize that? Jesus loves you! get that.
  • Avatar de envyw
    Doug I will pray a very special prayer that you may see the light and that's the very reason you are even posting on these songs because you are a lost sheep and just waiting to be found. One day you will see the darkness and bondage you've been in and turn around and you will be a lighthouse for others that were in your situation. YOU are so loved... any broken relationships will be restored and angels will rejoice over you... you are so loved... I thank you lord for Doug because he has such a big heart... and lately Doug you've been filling it with emptiness but you can change that. Thank you lord for your awesome son!
  • Avatar de m109r1800
  • Avatar de m109r1800
    \0/ Yeah-- Doug its all good man., TRY IT. Youll be very happy you did.
  • Avatar de KatieMcK
    you know what interests me Doug, is that you make comments on a lot of Christian music. If you hate it so much, why do you listen to it? It seems to me that you keep coming back to it because it touches you on some level. Jesus loves you as anonimouse7 said.
  • Avatar de anonimouse7
    doug do you know jesus LOVES EVEN YOU????? YES EVEN YOU???? jesus says open the door doug , cos you got him locked out and he nocking at your door man.... nock nock
  • Avatar de anonimouse7
    third day TTTTTTTTUUUNNNNNNEEEEE wahooo we got third day at last. yyyehhhhhhh he said it all at the beginning of the song didnt he?awsome group.awsome music too.stay blessed guys in jesus name. amen
  • Avatar de Rubi54703
    Doug Doug Doug.. Don't you understand? You can do whatever you want, and in the end we still win. God never gives up on us. He will never abandon us. He will never turn his back on us. He will never ever give up. So neither will we. We are here for the fight of a lifetime!! Why not come join us? We have pie, which is much better than the darksides cookies, well at least I think so!! Pie Anyone? *Holds up plates*
  • Avatar de grizz74
    :( doug dont you something better to do then inspire christians to tell the world about gods love ;)

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