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  • When these guys are gone people are going to be reviewing their music very differently. Loved Drop. Different direction in rock history than previous albums.
  • Review do novo disco Drop para o site Jooqebox, aqui:
  • woo see'n them for free in brooklyn XD
  • I like Drop, but still don't gets me enough.
  • Drop is meh
  • Pls come to nottingham.
  • Stream and Download Toni's latest Release! HERE:
  • good but its no floating coffin
  • Drop is so raw, maybe more than Floating Coffin
  • don't get the hype
  • I think its cause Floating Coffin was a lot louder
  • their new album feels weird, kinda like Putrifiers II
  • also honestly the new album is the best thing since carrion crawler, absolute perfection and they are the most exciting band in the world 2014 there i said it
  • go and listen to the flaming lips ulsterparanoid you fucking absolute wasteman
  • i miss when they were underrated
  • leak
  • "the lens" sounds like they've been rocking some moody blues
  • come to philadelphia/the east coast!!!!
  • catch them before they're gone
  • weirdos
  • ну хуй знает
  • Already back playing shows? Great! Huh, I thought their hiatus would be longer or anything, but anyway this is really good news. Hope to see them someday before they disappear forever.
  • Love this guys, they blow my mind!
  • if you like the new track check out fuzz (ty segall)
  • 4 last albums are good at all
  • wish they did not teased us with just 1 track, i can't bare the idea of waiting for 2 more months
  • new track is incredible!
  • new song had me like O:
  • how the FUCK is contraption/soul desert not a top track that is absolutely baffling
  • "Night Crawler" kicks this California Dream playlist into high gear, and it couldn't be more unexpected and fun. Take listen to the madness over here!-
  • most people only listen to utter shit music, keep it that way before the radio kills your favorite bands
  • One of my fav albums this year! Great band.
  • How are more people not listening to this amazing band
  • bring back thee oh sees
  • and i didnt have a pen for the motherfucker to sign my tit. fuck
  • ;_____;
  • :(
  • well we might see them again....
  • :(
  • RIP Thee Oh Sees
  • Definitely one of the best bands out there today, evolved so much and sound so g'damn gud
  • live at the empty bottle
  • One of the best bands I have discovered this year ;o)
  • essa é uma banda pra se ver ao vivo
  • No Toronto?
  • Exausted (show in poland the day before !) but always great in binic, little french harbor. Thee oh sees by the sea !
  • Kicked some serious ass yesterday in Skopje!
  • short review of the Thee Oh Sees concert in Vienna + Video
  • Still recovering from the Berlin show. Thank you!


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