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  • Eh that chorus sucks, the rest of the song is good tho
  • just ..pure.....bliss [2]
  • LOVE IT (2)
  • Such a fantastic record.
  • @randorolian: ditto!
  • One of the simplest yet most beautiful basslines ever.
  • just ..pure.....bliss
  • Wonderful. Great idea, TangerineStars...
  • Awesome
  • perfect
  • If I could drive a car, I would do some night cruising to this.
  • GREAT!!!
  • I wish the verve would have stayed on the path this song takes... I love all of their stuff, but storm in heaven is a step above.
  • Love this sound!
  • I'm in love with this song, so deep and depressing, Ashcroft's best, going brit-pop was a mistake
  • My favourite by them, love the bass :)
  • LOVE
  • There's something special about this one.
  • Still love it. Two and a half years and still growing...
  • If I could magically learn how to play guitar overnight, this would be the first song I would play.
  • It's so beautiful, and means a lot to me right now.
  • great...
  • this song always give me chills. takes me back to being in a tent at T in the Park in Scotland, the day before the Verve broke up the first time.
  • massive...
  • Oh wow. This track is sick!
  • High school. 1 AM. Sitting so close to the TV because it's turned way, way down so I can watch 120 minutes.
  • this is the first track that gets you from this album... it's perfect.
  • love this track. love this album. love this band
  • again...cant ever say this is enough...i would die happy after listening to this song... it realy sums up my whole exsistance
  • let go and burn away...
  • Goosebumps....
  • OMG! my fave storm in heaven song......sends shivers down my spine each and every time...
  • Gotta love this
  • perfect!!
  • Such a good stuff. Brings back old memories...
  • Great track....<3
  • loves it.
  • Muy bueno
  • риччи кросавчегг:)))
  • The verve is sooooooo daaaayuuuuuuuuummmm good.
  • lOOOOOOve!
  • brings back memories.....awesome memories. The whole CD is just bliss
  • Let the night sky cool yer foolish pride!
  • everytime i say this is my favourite verve song someone goes, "errrr, that's by Oasis." ARGH.
  • Wow I forgot this was such a great track, trail blazers. I'll dust down the CD and stick it in my car later!
  • Headphone classic. Total TUNE =D
  • another Simon who's basslines hold me captive. who would believe that he had no clue on how to play. they had to sticker his fretboard as he was he's part creator in such an orgasmic tune.


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