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    23 oct. 2009, 16h35m par asicore

  • The Used Electric Ballroom Review

    29 sept. 2009, 17h57m par yasm1n

    Wed 23 Sep – The Used, We Are The Ocean, Hexes

    The evening started off with the streets of Camden being packed with young kids all queuing up for the big event. The queue was a big one due to the concert selling out. Kids reaching the corner of a street and then it rounding off down into another road.

    Doors opened at 7pm and the queue gradually began to grow shorter. Inside the venue the bars were open and the first support band were already beginning their set.


    First time for many to have seen these band or to have even heard of them. Heavy music blared its way through the amplifiers and speakers, whilst the frontman screamed out his lyrics. Would give this band 3 stars because their music was quite amazing, not too keen on the singer but the bass, guitar and drums seemed to create a small vibe with those standing near the front of the stage. With their quite failed attempt of getting the crowd moving, the second support band made their entrance.