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  • Hot damn, check that guitar.
  • Agree. Gish is the mumpkins best.
  • Absolutely Rubbish, Complete Waste Of Time! :(
  • great googlimoogly, man
  • great guitar on this song
  • lol you wonder why at 2:07 it's so low in volume and you turn up volume then .... BOOM!!!
  • Ha I love this song! Gish is Pumpkin's best album...
  • my teenage love :)))
  • what a power ;-)
  • C=3
  • <33
  • totaler grunge !!!!!! absolut. I LOVE IT.
  • ++++
  • The middle break-solo is quite awesome innit?
  • yess
  • Punkins roc!
  • OMFG! I love pumpkin pie!
  • i miss the "gish" days
  • great, great !!
  • Punkins roc!
  • Good song !
  • que voz de maldad,es idónea para este tema, siempre me gustó
  • wub
  • great! I'll be forever grateful to my friend for showing Smashing Pumpkins to me x))
  • Beautiful. Try Doomsday Clock by the SP, I listened to that song on repeat for a full day once. IT'S THAT GOOD
  • listen to this song for the ending
  • i like mellon collie era better, but still, its smashing pumpkins, babe!
  • yeees like blacksabbath, but... have u listened Tarantula??
  • holy shit the guitar solo just comes at you like a ton of bricks and climatic conclusion is just epic hell the song as a whole is fucking classic in every sense of the word!
  • Kick ass live performance in Sydney
  • Just saw them live, was fuckin wicked
  • @black_acid_exe That was dramatic.
  • Came here to ask if other people heard a Sabbath kind-of riff in this, but I (happily) see that a few people have preceeded me. Great song.
  • fucking awesome
  • Very Sabbath-ish riff,nice song.
  • Deprimir un adolecente es como hacer un huevo motileño -- Bart Simpson.... Es un excelente grupo....
  • I spit off and loose my head
  • sprinkle all my kisses on your head!
  • riff is very sabbath indeed - good call 88888888888888______88__88888888___88888888888888 88__________88__8888888888_88888___88__________88 88__888888__88______8888_______88__88__888888__88 88__888888__88____88__88___888888__88__888888__88 88__888888__88__88__88__88___88____88__888888__88 88__________88____8888888888888888_88__________88 88888888888888__88__88__88__88__88_88888888888888 __
  • Thanks for the great past, great tune, but FUCK YOU CORGAN you sell out piece of shit. YOU ARE A FUCKING FRAUD! Smashing Pumpkins reunion? Where's D'Arcy and James Iha? WANKER!
  • fantastic song!
  • is it me or does this song sound very Black Sabbath-esque? especially the main riff.
  • this is the best
  • One of the best solos evar.
  • I adore this song.
  • Grunge era of Pumpkins
  • the best
  • grand
  • Great song, I love it.


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