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  • great sound
  • I miss you guys. [2]
  • I miss you guys.
  • The Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire Available for FREE download at-
  • wow u guys sound great!!!! keep it up come to LA FOR A SHOW!
  • damn I miss them.. I should email mech
  • Shame they've broken up. I think they had a lot of potential.
  • just awesome
  • Geezus how come I've never heard of them till now???! They rock
  • Downtown Atlanta is rockin' and most anything commin' outta there is usually fab, especially the food! Checkin' this duo out, and hope they are just as good
  • they sound friggin' SWEET !
  • broken up again. damnit
  • just though of something...her voice is kind of similar to santogold!!!
  • woww they're kind of amazing...just had surgery so im sitting here with nothing to do...and i came across their music and ive been researching them and listening to them all day. theyre the type i would totall support...M.J. Zilla has a beautiful air about her and Pierre Moore is gorgeous and seems creative. Whatever you guys are doing is definitely working. Your music appeals to the right crowd, and youe guys are awesome. im not a "fan" just an appreciator (lol if thats even a word, but you catch my drift)
  • voice reminds me of the dance hall crashers.... weirdddd
  • I'm still waiting for you... to gimme that album! PLEASE!
  • oh no, i'm outta controooolll..
  • wow 8th Listenerz! still so underrated
  • WHAT? oh my that seems sorta of rascit to say. she sounds nothing like kelis and her voice is amazing and pure nothing like kelis, i can't belive you just said that. i am in a state of shock it is like sayin patti smith souds like bitney spears
  • she sounds like kelis
  • not goog
  • their myspace
  • Who said that?
  • The Slack Republic back together! o yea
  • Just so you guys know... we love you for keeping up with us. Hold tight, we're still going to try and get you all that unreleased Ottoman Empire stuff. Cause we made it for you!
  • <3
  • well according to their myspace the release is here on lastfm
  • i dont think so it sucks they broke up!
  • Did they ever release the album? I've been hooked on the EP and I need me more.
  • They cant break up =/
  • love this band

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