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  • I feel like I should be into this band but I just find their albums to be extremely boring except for Luce
  • before last 2 albums - total awful shit after - pure awesomeness
  • Damn...
  • Randomly bought Agnus Dei and holy shit this is good!!
  • f**king awesome
  • Any news on a new album?
  • ну разве не милахи?=)
  • this band makes my stomach hurts .
  • Why grindcore isn't in the top tags is beyond me, especially when "experimental" is.
  • Are people still listening to LUCE at all? Just dug it out of my collection... good times when it came out, I was all about it.
  • Metalcore was actually first used to describe bands such as Integrity, Merauder, All Out War, Morning Again and Earth Crisis. Metalcore is in fact a proper term describing the energy and attitude of hardcore combined with the brutality and heaviness of metal. In that respect (to me at least) bands like Parkway Drive are not "real" metalcore.
  • If you go on their band page (facebook), they are self described as "Grindcore, Hardcore, Black Metal, Delay pedals".
  • Some of the best bands are those fan find hard to categorize. The Secret have a bunch of influences, I feel a heavy crust vibe myself. I don't know what to call them except killer.
  • no consensus, no mercy
  • brilliant band
  • By metalcore I think most people are using it in its original context, as in 'metallic hardcore', which it clearly is [2] Yup.
  • These tags are so off. If anything The Secret is primarily Grindcore with Black Metal influences.
  • I-C_: actually, they toured as support for Deafheaven on their euro tour this spring. So they have worked together in that sense. But a split 7" or something would be awesome.
  • audio terror
  • Like musical video by [url= Secret]The Secret[/url] on song: "[url=]May God Damn All Of Us (Live)[/url]".
  • Holy fucking shit, this is pure awesomeness!
  • "My God Damn All Of Us" - Live Music Video!
  • By metalcore I think most people are using it in its original context, as in 'metallic hardcore', which it clearly is, not like Parkway Drive or anything.
  • Yeah, I hear Converge influence myself, but I don't consider them to be metalcore either.. what a shitty tag to get stuck with. Good music anyways on first listen.
  • Metalcore? There's maybe some Converge-influence but metalcore? Nope
  • Metalcore? Are you fucking kidding me?
  • Absolutely brilliant.
  • Agnus Dei is fantastic.
  • wait... this is Metalcore? ... I officially like metalcore then...
  • Fuck, that's some sick music. I can't even describe this. Wow.
  • I haven't listened to much black metal but Solve Coagula and Agnus Dei are just perfect hardcore albums in every way. They manage to build a great atmosphere but do it quickly in true hardcore style.
  • впечатляет. апокалиптичненько:)
  • I love the black metal influence in this
  • пуля
  • this is some intense shit
  • Solve et Coagula and Agnus Dei are really good.
  • hey guys Poland still waits!!!!! come on!
  • I gave Darth Vader a lift
  • атлищна-атлищна, например *___*
  • Pics and impressions of the Berlin concert:
  • Agnus Dei >>>>>>>> Solve et coagula. Huge improvement. [2]
  • This band deserves a lot more recognition, they are amazing, and the new record is just sick!!!!
  • Another band I am bummed I am just finding out about
  • Record of the year.
  • Agnus Dei is amazing !
  • Agnus Dei is so goddamn good
  • They've outdone themselves.
  • Serious contender for AOTY.
  • Sounds like Converge going black metal [2]


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