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  • Favorite Runaways song! [2]
  • Runaways.mp3
  • this song is beyond awesome (2)
  • Favorite Runaways song!
  • perfect lyrics !! super song...
  • amazing and unique song
  • this song is beyong awesome - the vocals, the delivery and most of all the attitude.
  • melhor música ² <3
  • Fucking amazing!
  • best best best♥
  • Best runaway song !!!
  • Love that song ♥
  • So bad it's good.
  • I love the runaways, they rock.
  • fucking amazing <3
  • I love this song, this whole song. Even if some of the lyrics are very lame or whatnot.. I even like the spoken bit.
  • This song is 2:36 minutes of kickarse (even if they recycle the Cherry Bomb riff), and 5 minutes of terrible, annoying bullshit filler. What, was it that important to have the album be 32 minutes long instead of 25?
  • These lyrics suuuuuuuck.
  • I'm a sweet 16 and a rebel queen.... Cool..
  • Well, at least they saved their weakest song for last.
  • I feel like I'm the only one who think's Cherie's voice was sexier than Joan's in the Runaways.
  • You can almost see this in graphic novel form - kind of classic 60s Shangri-las mixed with that pre-punk metallic U.S. rock..really entertaining man..BTW that girl below looks like she wouldn't take any shit!
  • badass song
  • If there's one thing I love about the Runaways, it's the sound of Cherie and Joan trading off. <3
  • Kick Ass Song!!!
  • Their best song. <3 [3] Once in a while you hear songs that really hit spots you didn't even know you had - this is one of them for me :)
  • Their best song. <3 [2]
  • my favorite song
  • 'pills and thrills and acting smart' one of my favorite lyrics on the record
  • Their best song. <3
  • Your momma says you go straight to hell ;)
  • pills and thrills and acting smart
  • all of you are drunk and stoned
  • "i'm a blond bombshell and i wear it well" <33 epic song
  • Delicious. Yep.
  • My favourite song of The Runaways
  • I still wonder if Joan made it free or not.
  • god this song is delicious
  • vv oh shiiit I love the part i've been tryna memorize it for 2 weeks already lmaooo
  • In the naked city Spaces ain't that pretty As I was getting dusted I happened to get busted Oh yes I was arrested Oh god how I protested They beat me with a board It hurt just like a sword They kicked me in the eye My brain began to fry This is like a movie I know I'm gonna scream All the pain that I feel Makes me feel mean It's so sad and crazy here I think I'm gonna cry If I don't wake up from this dream I think I'm gonna..gonna..gonna..AHHH! <3 "
  • You're in a cheap, rundown teenage jail. (LOL)
  • what the fuck is wrong with this song?
  • This song is amazing!
  • You don't sing and dance in juvie, honey.
  • love it.
  • hardcore!!!!

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