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The Mountain Goats

Autoclave (3:35)


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  • "I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam"
  • Annie does backing vocals????? Why the fuck am I just learning this?
  • It also has a rather painful, stinging quality to it, it's just great.
  • To me, this song is about being completely connected to human emotions, but not being able to connect with a traditional sense of empathy. Autism, whatever you want to call it, it speaks to me.
  • "The fact that the woman singing is Annie Clark has just blown my mind..." How did I not know she guests on this album! She also plays the electric guitar in Sax Rohmer 1
  • The fact that the woman singing is Annie Clark has just blown my mind...
  • This song existing makes me feel better about life. THANK YOU JOHN DARNIELLE.
  • This song is perfect in every sense!
  • The metaphor makes sense because an autoclave is something that essentially nothing is capable of surviving on because it's so sterile, but in the comics that John released explaining the lyrics of each song on the album, the song was inspired by the discovery of a small lifeform that did survive on an autoclave and wasn't harmful. So in a sense, the song takes you to the bottom, but still retains some sense of hope.
  • Heart-wrenchingly gorgeous.
  • this song does strange but maybe good things to me
  • my heart's an autoclave is an awesome metaphor
  • see, I like this song, but "my heart's an autoclave" is a really bizarre metaphor.
  • amazing.
  • "And no emotion that's worth having can call my heart its home." Amazing lyrics. Darnielle is a genius.
  • sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name" lol Cheers ftw
  • My thoughts exactly alberto238
  • I really like the contrast between the 2nd verse my home her home and the last, her home my home. An important shift in mindset, I feel.
  • As my last chance to become human begins to vaporize...---John Darnielle just fucking slays me.
  • excellent track!
  • I agree with brettac1.
  • Still the one!
  • Definitely my favorite on the new album.
  • oooh leakage
  • Amazing!!!

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