• M83 @ Pustervik

    12 oct. 2008, 23h49m par esc4p1st

    My record-breaking fourth visit to Pustervik for a concert in less than three weeks lived up to its promise. Both Bon Iver and The Deer Tracks won me over (A Silver Mt. Zion not so much), but neither came close to rivalling French electronic savant M83.

    To warm us up for Anthony Gonzalez and his crew, Swedish/Danish electropop diva As in Rebekkamaria put on an odd indian-themed show filled with high-pitched wailing and kitten photos. With the kind of stage manners you would expect from a mainstream pop, schlager or dance artist, she wasn't able to convey much of her energy to the crowd, but since the poorly ventilated venue was fortunately already filled to capacity, we really didn't need warming up. Still, her beeing so out-of-place made me even more disappointed that the concert promoters hadn't booked a Swedish band more akin to tonight's headliners, such as The Bridal Shop or The Morning Paper, as I encouraged them to.

    From the very first minute of their set, M83 created intensely beautiful soundscapes…