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  • Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Very nice
  • i am stunned! they are incredible good, and i regret the fact that only now i heard them
  • Hello! good skacore from Russia! download link
  • for fans of The Mahones, check out Captain Bastard and the Scallywags facebook page, give it a like and get some free Celtic punk tunes!
  • Don't forget to visit Irish Drinking Songs Daily - for your daily dose of Irish drinking songs. Sláinte
  • I feel like drinking whisky now. On the rocks.
  • Secret gig tonight in O'Cealleigh's Irish Pub, Groningen!
  • Paint The Town Red шик шик
  • love
  • Paint The Town Red отличная
  • Great band, can't wait to see them again. I created a Mahones group on, feel free to join.
  • Happy St. Paddy´s Day!!!
  • Happy St-Patty's Day!
  • black irish is awesome, indeed. glad to see them return to celtic rock sound.
  • I didn't see them yesterday, but i also think they're awesome :D.
  • New album = The Black Irish = Awesome!
  • amazing music !! love it !
  • One last shot!
  • An Irish punk band named The Mahones and theyre NOT NAMED AFTER THE POGUES formerly known as the Pogue-Mahones?
  • need a new irish punk record. the americana rock sound doesn't suit them.
  • póg mo thóin sounds sweet
  • Отличный фолк! Great!
  • OMG!! The gig at O'Ceallaigh Traditional Music Bar was great! Drummer had to play on an empty guitar case because there was no room for the drum kit! :D But he still did a great job! And Katie and Finny were great too. :D And great news, they will return to O'Ceallaigh´s in the summertime! I'll be there ;)
  • Finally an irish punk rock band (although they are canadian, and I might have made a new music genre but I do think they play this kind of music xD) that's worth my attention! Flogging molly and dropkick murphy's are awful in my opinion, though I do really like the song drunken lullaby's
  • Saw them on Queensday in Groningen! They were great and fun to see perform!
  • when are you guys going to come to eastern Europe??
  • great band, saw them in munich. Too bad they were on stage for only 30 minutes!
  • Great, great Band :) Love them sow 'in Ddorf, together with Murphys :)
  • hab sie in München mit Murphys gesehen. Wirklich sehr gut!!
  • Great band!
  • Saw them live yesterday and I love this band! ♥
  • I didn't know this band but, I saw them playing with the Dropkick Murphys live and... :O
  • You guys (and girls) feckin' rule!
  • toss our pots yaa
  • Oi! and cheers from Poland
  • Is This Bar Open deserves many more plays![2]
  • 2 things I hate, the queen & tequila!
  • the same kind of music
  • The Mahones are decently good, but I don't think that Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly are overrated. They just a bit better in songwriting, so it's hit songs that make a difference.
  • just realised i've played drunken lazy bastard on me own for 130+ times lol i love that song
  • probably the best band not overrated like dropkicks nor flogging molly good tunes , lyrics just makes you imagine when having a few pints of guinness with yous friends in a good old fucking pub nice 1 mates
  • check out 'On Last Shot'
  • Yeah!
  • Is This Bar Open deserves many more plays!
  • neat music! keep it up, and greetings from germany.. gus

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