• Which of your top 50 have you seen live?

    24 mars 2009, 10h21m par NoOneLikesMe

    1 Cansei de Ser Sexy Yes - lots of times.
    2 Frankmusik Yes - bumped in to him at Truck Festival too. Nice guy.
    3 M.I.A. Bought tickets to see her, but got ill.
    4 Uffie Yes
    5 Mindless Self Indulgence Yes - lead singer stage dived on to me and he stank of moldy flannels.
    6 The Presets Yes
    7 30 Seconds to Mars Yes - got staged dived by Jared Leto. I have an amazing video of it somewhere but never got round to youtubing it
    8 Otur No
    9 Lily Allen No - have no intention to either
    10 Bonde do Rolê Yes - Managed to get my photo taken with them at bestival 2007
    11 Tiga No - would love to see him live but not a DJ set.
    12 Fall Out Boy No
    13 Hadouken! Yes - Twice, I think.
    14 Rihanna No
    14 Alice in Videoland No - Would like to see 'em though
    16 The Light Bulb Project No
    17 Justice Yes
    18 Space Cowboy No
    19 Kanye West No - But would love to.
    20 Shiny Toy Guns Yes - managed to bump in to Chad and other guy outside venue before gig in Camden for a little chin wag.
    21 Cassie No
    22 Yelle No - But want to!
  • My Weekly Top Artists 28 May - 4 June 06

    6 juin 2006, 17h08m par NoOneLikesMe

    10. Slagsmålsklubben - What do they call this type of music? It is so '8-bit console theme tune' music. It can get a bit annoying but in small doses its good. Maybe it's because the vast amount of video gaming I did as a kid that I enjoy it *shrugs*. I didn't realise I listen to it enough to get into my top 10 though...

    9. Cat5 - I've just got a copy of their album. Been listening to it in the daytime @ work. Still making my mind up.

    8. The Faint - These guys are really good. 'Glass Dance' is my current fave.

    7. Memoplay - I don't get how Memoplay got in to my top 10 either.. I've only listened to a handful of tracks. I already recommended 'lights' which is still my fave so far, but 'song for no ears' is also worth a mention.

    6. The Knife - I love the knife so much. Along with the presets, I've had the urge to listen again to my archive of their music as if I've discovered it for the first time. Still sounds so fresh. 'Handy Man' and 'Medicine' are worth listening to if you haven’t already.
  • My Weekly Top Artists 14-21 May06

    26 mai 2006, 20h43m par NoOneLikesMe

    I thought I might comment on the top 10 artists I've been listening to the past week. Who knows - it might make for interesting reading. Only one way to find out!

    10. Kylie Minogue - As you are all aware, Kylie's recent music endeavours (and by recent I mean her latest stuff) has been very dance orientated. I'm by no means a "fan" or hers, but 'come into my world' was a single I listen to a lot. The Fischerspooner Remix of said song is an excellent rework and has had me listening to it enough to warrant Kylie being in the chart. I'm not even slightly embarrassed!

    9. Peaches - Fuck the pain away is a classic, but I only recently discovered Tiga's remix of Shake Yer Dix. Love the lyrics.

    8. Honeydrips vs Otur - See 1.

    Joint 6. uffie - If you don't know who uffie is yet where you been the past months?! Okay, the only 2 songs I've heard are starting to get a bit old. I emphasise the point BIT. Pop the Glock especially is a fucking great track. …
  • Best of 2005

    23 jan. 2006, 1h06m par sharevari

    Somewhat belatedly, I've put together a 2005 top 50 for my first ever journal post. Now this isn't your typical yearly chart; as my listening habits don't follow strict year boundaries, I decided to make a top 50 of the music I discovered in 2005 rather than music that was released during the year. Seems to make more sense somehow. OK, on with it.


    01. Criticize
    If only all house sounded like this. This track's got everything: chunky beat, wonky bassline, fantastic vocals and a distinctly old school feel.

    02. Masochist
    Amazing, awe-inspiring drum & bass madness. I created the tag "jump up and down like a goon" for this kind of stuff. Probably the most energetic track I've ever heard.

    03. Joystick
    These Swedish synthpop girls get absolutely everything right on this track from their Go! album. Perfect pop.

    04. Incident
    Joyous track from Dutch producer of traditionalist but oh so stylish Detroit techno. Fantastic piano chords...