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  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów The Lawrence Arms
  • Things have changed forever. We're the ramblin' boys of pleasure.
  • Wicked addicting tunes!!
  • Amazing band.
  • Please play 'Hey, what time is "Pensacola - Wings of Gold on" anyway?' long shot
  • GODDAMN THIS FUCKING TOWN, it's restless and I'm drowning <3
  • big call! it is a great song
  • Cool stuff.
  • One of the best albums this year for sure. I think YMCA is the best song they've ever written.
  • UK tour :D
  • i agree with sideways man
  • Vocals and lyrics kick ass, as do the guitar, drums and bass
  • If not vocal, they could be listenable.
  • Diggin' Metropole.
  • "What are we doing here?....nothing, that's what's killing me" "That's what's fuckin' killing me" :)
  • lol vv poser
  • you're in watchdogs!
  • Metropole is so good ^_^
  • They were great last night.
  • YMCA is also my favourite track from the album
  • The YMCA.... Stands out on first couple'a listens of Metropole, agreed or disagreed?
  • Metropole review:
  • Haven't listened to them in a long time. They've aged well.
  • Loving Metropole.
  • These guys never fail. "Metropole" is awesome.
  • These here ramblin' boys killed it
  • I am so happy right now
  • Love Metropole. It took a few listens but it feels like a band who went to re-discover The Greatest Story Ever Told but realised they were much older and that influenced the direction of the album both lyrically and musically. It's a great return to form IMO.
  • nostalgic as hell for the greatest story ever told
  • Anyone else feel the 'Disaster March' influence on 'Paradise Shitty'? And the not so subtle Guns N' Roses reference. Goddamn I love this band.
  • Metropole has really grown on me. I like it.
  • Oh man, so far this is extremely lackluster.
  • Fantastic stuff! Glad to have them back.
  • Metropole is about what I expected. The Larrys didn't hit us with a lot of surprises, but on their worst day they're still one of the best bands out there. "October Blood" and "Chilean District" <3
  • Metropole is great!
  • conchetumadre, seventeener!!!
  • Hi I need Metropole like yesterday
  • So pumped for the new album, santy claus better get me a sick preorder package
  • You Are Here delivers. Looking forward to this one a lot.
  • Seeing myself on the top listeners made me more excited than I think it should have. Forever a fanboy. New album and NYE in Chicago! weeeeeeeee
  • Listening to them for the first time and OMG THIS IS AMAZING
  • I had no idea this band still excisted.
  • aguante larryyyy arms!!
  • Fucking Riotfest
  • Best band ever <3
  • New album, nothing else matters now.
  • Anderstotten A guided tour of chicago is their ONLY good release. Period. What HAVE you been smoking, m'boy? There's some great tracks on that album, but it's far, far, FAR from their best, let alone their only good one.
  • Melodic and melancholic punk rock band straight outta Russian city where the neutron bomb exploded. FFO: Husker Du, HWM, Leatherface, Down By Law, early Green Day, Dag Nasty, Bouncing Souls.


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