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  • so justified, so ancient. 23 23 23 23 23 23
  • Fishin' in the rivers... Fishin' in the rivers... Fishin' in the rivers of life... hey! [2]
  • Madrugada Eterna - Это просто - Шедеврально и Восхитительно!!!
  • Ricardo Da Force will be sorely missed...
  • Fishin' in the rivers... Fishin' in the rivers... Fishin' in the rivers of life... hey!
  • Fishin' in the rivers of life...
  • d0l
    ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh.
  • What Time Is Love - это просто фантастика!
  • Очень тёплые воспоминания связаны с этой группой.Беспечное детство,безмятежное счастье.Друзья,старый кассетник,танцы...
  • I gotta say. As being an American. I truly appreciate this music. Everything here is so... uh... like... fucking lame. This is STILL some of the truest music I've ever heard. And yes. I'm a Robert Anton Wilson fan... <3 the KLF.
  • klf still rock the jams!
  • How legit are The Black Room "demos"?
  • the first true techno/electronic band that really hit me straight in the face with their 3 A.M. Eternal and loving it since 1989...
  • don't think its out yet? i know i know, been 5 years...
  • Does anybody know where I can get The Lost Sounds Of Mu Volume 3? Thanks.
  • my bad, looks like there is actually a full 30-minute long version of the rites of mu (!) - review: (there is at least 3 versions knocking around on youtube)
  • jakobdorof: if you enjoy Chill Out, check out Waiting for the Rites of Mu which is another strange ambient thing they did. One of the tracks - The Rites Of Mu - is an 8 minute-long narrated story of a weird ritual on a deserted island... there is a great video accompanying it on youtube too.
  • chill out is an alarmingly good album
  • @jakobdorof... Next up... The White Room Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
  • Chill Out is brilliant, but those first two JAMs records are best written off as historical curios.
  • Ricardo Da Force, who was featured on The KLF’s “3AM Eternal,” Last Train to Trancentral,” and “Justified and Ancient,” has reportedly passed away in Barbados. There’s no official cause of death, but N-Trance (another outfit that Ricardo worked with in the 1990s) posted the following on their Facebook: Just heard news that Ricardo Da Force has passed away. He was a massive part of this band & the main influence for us to start making music from his days in the KLF… gonna be hugely missed RIP.
  • Any thoughts of Scooters "What time is love?" cover? They've used samples from the songs heavily before, I know... Still. Is a cover more of respect than downright just using samples? I mean, KLF used a lot of samples them self... With more quality I might add.
  • What's the point of remastering "The White Room"? It never did sound bad on CD in the first place.
  • still loving Chill Out. where to next?
  • A scan from Melody Maker magazine with a The KLF interview (1991): Worth reading!
  • "I would love to hear The White Room remastered. " Mission Impossible!
  • I would love to hear The White Room remastered.
  • Theres a duo going around calling themselves "the flk"- do not be fooled, their music is awful.
  • All aboard,all aboard...
  • the awesomeness of klf!
  • What time is Eight_Flight?
  • The best
  • I am in McLeod Ganj right now. A lot of Tibet people here and plenty of times to eat and order the dish Momo. Is there a dish called The Justified Ancients of Momo? There should be.
  • ███┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘┘ ┘┘┘┘┘ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘┘██████┘┘████████┘┘██████┘ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘██┘┘┘┘██┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘██┘ ┘┘┘██ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘ ██┘┘█ █┘┘█┘┘┘┘┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘█┘┘ ┘┘┘┘█ █┘┘█████┘█┘┘██┘┘█┘██┘┘┘┘██┘█┘┘ █████ █┘┘┘┘┘┘█┘██┘┘┘┘██┘┘██┘┘██┘┘██┘ ┘┘┘█┘ ████████┘┘██████┘┘┘┘████┘┘┘┘██████
  • d0l
  • bloofs: some new project with secretive members. seem they play KLF-records backwards and add some own flavour. Genius. Also does some art work
  • 3 A.M. Eternal <3
  • so cool
  • Good times
  • chill out [2]
  • chill out
  • what is the flk
  • Will buy the FLK in England together with human leagues credo... great stuff
  • anyone listen to the FLK? you MUST check them out - either KLF proteges or tribute......and if you play 'we know where the time goes' at the same time as Chill Out..... scuse me but its fucking stunning!!!!! ;0
  • bubba - the whole fil can be found on you tube, its in about 5 parts. Only a few tracks of the black room exist, check torrent sites etc.
  • anyone know where one can find the black room (album) and watch the k foundation burn a million quid (film)? so far all I found is a documentary about the klf which talks about the moneyburning but I'd like to see gimpo's film...
  • Gods. Not because of "The white room" (which was incredible), it's because of "Chill Out". Unbelievable, what they've made. Until today it is immensive, complex and beyond comparison. Sounds exaggerated, but in my opinion it's a fact.
  • I spin The White Room a few times every once in a while and it never gets old.. that time has come again.


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