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  • this band is so cool :D
  • see yaaa..
  • feel something is a thousand times greater than out of view
  • their new album is great. I'm a total sucker for heavy distorted guitars paired with poppy female vocals ^___^
  • New album is excellent
  • awesome new album
  • Just discovered. Harks back to the sort of indie rock I used to know and love.
  • More hooks than a tackle box.
  • it's definitely up there for me. im addicted to it.
  • Out Of View is quite possibly my favorite album of 2013.
  • More shoegazing band theoretically super influenced by My Bloody Valentine, but in practice it is evident that the musical quality is much lower than the Irish of Dublin, this subgenus masters of alternative rock. But the body of work of these boys "The History of Apple Pie" pleases me much, some extra-musical aspects such as a Japanese singer beautiful voice sweet, and the illustrations of children's thematic albums are some attractions that give charm to this band so cool. Anyway, it is a promising band that has a sound mix of a skew to a more pop sound cuddly. Good band.
  • Heard this band for the first time live at a festival in the Netherlands and I was pretty much blown away. They play a tight set! I think they are quite different from Pains, only similar in their basic MBV influence. Can't wait to hear more from this group.
  • Is this anyone else's AOTY so far?
  • Really really great album, my favorite from 2013 so far.
  • I like them...just discovered, sound really good.
  • These guys seem to be receiving a lot of hate. I think the album is good, not great but decently entertaining.
  • yup, sounds little lika a pains clones, but that's not exactly a bad thing. there's never too much of cute and noisy indie pop
  • Similar to The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
  • I loooooove the sound <3 of this band <3 :]
  • I like the album!
  • I wish them luck. I caught their third gig back in February 2011 and, candidly, they were not good. The album's an average affair too.
  • Saw these guys last week and they were great! I am so in love with Kelly
  • 5* review of the Southampton show on 13/2
  • Minha nova banda favorita <3
  • amazing debut album ! <3
  • I'm hearing lots of Lush in this. And that ain't bad.
  • Average
  • I like this
  • Fell free for me :P
  • v nice v niCE
  • I´m really enjoying your debut album, full of amazing songs!!! Yours fan from Czech Republic
  • Great new interview with The History of Apple Pie:
  • Album is solid.
  • Album is superb.
  • album is good.
  • amazing debut album ! <3
  • album stream - its an absolute belter
  • I have an advance of the new album... it's fucking great. By the way, nothing was re-recorded for the album - same performances as the single A-sides, although I think they may have been mixed or mastered differently.
  • next BIG thing
  • cant stop playing 'glitch'. really looking forward to the album now guys!!"
  • and yeah, pretty awful name.
  • since we already have like half of the album already. it'll be cool if the rest of it sounds as awesome as what's been released and the re-recorded stuff doesn't lose any of the magic on the versions they had to start with.
  • I'm obsessed with Glitch, can't wait for the LP to come out.
  • awful? I think the name is prefect
  • awful band name
  • great! love all songs.
  • Check out the video for The History of Apple Pie's new single, 'Do It Wrong': thanks!
  • soon!


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