• Best Songs of the Decade So Far - 2000s

    11 déc. 2008, 23h57m par ob82

    One of the joys of the internet is the ability to look at list of Greatest Songs of all Time and similar shit and you can often discover quality gems of music. I thought rI’d give the old list thing a bash. Instead of going for the 60’s and 90’s where my favourite music mainly originates I thought I’d take a stab at the current decade. Despite being a two years shy of an actual decade and with my initial misgivings about how music was much better in my day (well, the previous decade) I had a fucking mission to limit my choices. I had to go to 190 songs and I may even edit my choices in the next few days.

    This decade has produced some quality tracks in a wider variety of genres than ever before. Although it could be argued that there more “instant classics” in every prior decade since the 50’s. Looking through my list there are too many bands that have really becoming immensely huge. perhaps Coldplay who confound many (including myself) in having three songs in the list. …
  • Song of the week for 2008

    1 fév. 2008, 1h27m par heyitsdanielle

    I really want to start using the journal feature on here... or do something other than letting last fm track my music.

    Therefore, I am going to try to update this post every week with a song of the week. I think it will be interesting to see what I am interested to throughout time, and it will also allow me to make a good mix cd at the end of the year. I can just imagine it. "2008. A year of awesome songs."

    The first 4 weeks I fudged because I started it on the 5th week. Anyways.

    1. Can have more than one song a week, if I am feeling particularly musical.
    2. Must have a song EVERY week. If I cannot think of one, then I will make myself listen to new music until I find something that interests me.
    3. Cannot be a song that has already been listed in a prior week. Getting lazy is not allowed.

    More rules will be added once I think of some

    Jan 1-7: D.A.N.C.E. by Justice Vs Simian

    Jan 8-14: A Perfect Sonnet by Bright Eyes

    Jan 15-21: Faust Arp by Radiohead
  • List your top 10 last.fm artists, then list your five favourite songs by each.

    3 avr. 2007, 22h18m par timeforheroes

  • music to run to

    12 avr. 2006, 6h12m par pike33

    Lately, one of my favourite things has been to strap on the Nano and go for a jog around the beautiful city that is Sydney. The best time to go is late afternoon/early evening, with a gentle southerly blowing, and since I live near the water, there's this nice Forrest Gump effect as the red sun glistens next to me.

    I tried to think of the perfect set of songs to listen to while jogging and I think I may have well found it. Designed for a 35-40 minute run, it might actually get off my ass and do this more often!

    Feel free to suggest any more that you may deem appropriate..


    Midlake - "Roscoe"
    It's just so perfect and I'd have it as the leading track on any playlist I'd make right now. Never ceases to amaze how it makes me smile, and is a fitting way to prepare for the run.

    Ramones - "Blitzkrieg Bop"
    "Hey - ho - Let's go!"

    The Arcade Fire - "Rebellion (Lies)"
    The rolling beat throughout this song gives it a feeling of movement…