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  • Avatar de LiquidSheep
    Whenever I saw The Durutti Column mentioned somewhere, I always pictured them as an angry, moody, sharp-edged post-punk formation. Finally gave it a listen myself and boy am I surprised. In a pleasant way. This is way more delicate and beautiful than I ever expected it to be. Glad I started listening to them. Also, the guy behind Orange Cake Mix definitely was a fan of Vini Reilly.
  • Avatar de arandaaa
    Very simple and experimental at the same time. Vini Reilly guitar is so delicated.
  • Avatar de Fabula-Nihil
    I can't describe how special this band is
  • Avatar de optimistic_tour
    If I had to choose a "most experimental" it would be Without Mercy, if only because it's a pair of 20 minute suites that works as a symphony in miniature. It's still both alien yet catchy and gorgeous as anything else he's done.
  • Avatar de TeenageRiot-
    They're all relatively experimental, son.
  • Avatar de KeIemvor
    I think I've found myself a new favourite band... not sure how to describe this music other than simply beautiful. Vini Reilly, now that's what I call an amazing guitarist, such incredible expressive depth is almost unmatched. Forget about all the "rock guitar virtuoso" wankers out there...
  • Avatar de read555sick
    which album is most experimental?
  • Avatar de neworderwave
    There are no words to describe the depth of your music Vini.
  • Avatar de RussellChap
    i consider vini up there with other guitar greats such as john martyn & ralph towner, you can stuff yer jimmy page, eric clapton & brian may up yer arses!
  • Avatar de hiddenreverse
    ridiculously underrated and quietly beautiful music
  • Avatar de chantywrastler
    Enigma ♥
  • Avatar de joklend
  • Avatar de MyHeadOnAPlate
  • Avatar de glamourtwins
    Extremely underrated. DC needs more love!
  • Avatar de optimistic_tour
    God, I hope Vini recovers enough to keep making music as Durutti Column. I'm listening to Chronicle now and loving it.. thinking what a shame it'd be for his sound to fade into history.
  • Avatar de Seperat0r
    They're the ultimate "ahead of their time" band.
  • Avatar de RussellChap
    It's as if its not there...just a gossamer trace
  • Avatar de wiseblood-
    Can't get enough of LC at the moment--the perfect soundtrack for balmy summer nights! Need to check out the rest of their stuff ASAP!
  • Avatar de IGWilliams
    Any one have an opinion on the new album Chronicle yet? Personally I think there is to many substandard vocal tracks, especially on Two.
  • Avatar de mk741
    v Been thinking the same thing recently. Perhaps it stems from the band's sound (judging from my limited listening experiences with Return and LC) being difficult to categorize. Not quite jazz, not quite rock, not quite funk, not quite punk, not quite pop... certainly experimental, but incredibly melodic, catchy, concise, and never falling to the pratfalls of self-indulgence. DC simply made incredibly distinct music that was clearly majorly ahead of its time. Guess most of the world still hasn't caught up (an appearance on one of those decade retrospective/ best-of lists might change that).
  • Avatar de bingbongbilly
    Seems remarkable The Durutti Column remain a relatively obscure group. The world has cheese in it's ears.
  • Avatar de optimistic_tour
    FYI, Return (as well as LC) was reissued by 4 Men With Beards super recently and is quite easy to find, and not expensive. It's just the original tracklisting, but that's perfect as is.
  • Avatar de Seperat0r
    For Belgian Friends is the spring theme music at my house this year.
  • Avatar de mutinyonark
    "Return is getting reissued on vinyl with Lips/Madeline tacked on, and a second 7" disc with the Martin Hannett numbers. " @ativke WHEN?! I was never able to get a copy because of its price. It is one of my favorite albums, I am happy to hear this.
  • Avatar de aFonderReel
    The vocals from that David Lynch movie on "Spanish Lament" were a nice touch. Good band.
  • Avatar de Detective_Kane
    my guitar hero [3]
  • Avatar de a_d_a_m
    to jest cholernie dobre
  • Avatar de ativke - reminiscent style as DC
  • Avatar de trashcity_
    Angelic fingers
  • Avatar de ValeriaSixx
    I love "Requiem Again" so much I got it tattooed a few years ago. :) Incledible band.
  • Avatar de aFonderReel
    Loving this shit.
  • Avatar de ativke
    Return is getting reissued on vinyl with Lips/Madeline tacked on, and a second 7" disc with the Martin Hannett numbers.
  • Avatar de nateyomat3y
    the return is fucking art. yes.
  • Avatar de NarooN
    my guitar hero [2]
  • Avatar de SzachLechistanu
    Happy birthday.
  • Avatar de Nakkinak
    my guitar hero
  • Avatar de ativke
    'Hotel on the Lake 1990' is pretty good too.
  • Avatar de ativke
    'Anthony' from Sex & Death is a pretty good one. I mean it gets me when it comes on
  • Avatar de raverill
    There's a recording of the interview with Vini Reilly from the CALM event here (including the guitar performance at the end): Interesting, harrowing stuff.. I didn't know about his background before Factory, the sleeping rough, criminal gang involvement and depression. His voice is a bit slurred from the strokes and he sounds weary, I hope he can make a full recovery in time.
  • Avatar de floflo917
    C'est good !
  • Avatar de Sunzy
    Holy shit, Short Stories for Pauline..........
  • Avatar de TeenageRiot-
    v Leave now and don't come back.
  • Avatar de tahbyfet
    guitar-pop jangling 4evr
  • Avatar de kitestring
  • Avatar de eifionb
    There will at some point be an official release of either the audio or video from the event. We were told we could take pictures, but not record it for that reason.
  • Avatar de menyauthe
    Yeah, it was for a charity event seeking to prevent male suicide. If anyone finds the interview and performance somewhere, I'd love to see it.
  • Avatar de TeenageRiot- He played a new song in Manchester the other night apparently...
  • Avatar de NarooN
    Another nice interview. He's really strong to keep trying to gain his ability back like that. I'd heard his condition was less than great, but didn't know to what extent. But it's just awesome to know that there are indeed some great humans on this planet who actually give a damn about others. Get well soon, Vini!
  • Avatar de menyauthe
    [url=]Wonderful interview with Vini from The Quietus.[/url]
  • Avatar de NarooN
    Awesome interview as well. Bless the hell out of Vini, he's just an awesome human being. Take your time on the album, I'm sure it'll floor each and every last one of us.


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