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  • everything the drums do is good
  • <3
  • on se trouve en face de la maison schlachter le bacon et l'anxiété avant de perdre sa fille pâlira avant Annegret terrible.
  • I love this band so much.
  • this is arguably the drums' best song. i wish it was more popular because i think it's even better than any song they put out on their LP.
  • Story of my life.
  • great song and so true
  • Everything old is new again...all hail The Drums!
  • good to be back
  • this band is good and this song is gold
  • a grower ... like it
  • and i smile :)
  • applies.
  • (L)
  • aw.
  • Makes me smile every time.
  • nice
  • And everything is backwards..
  • nice relaxing style
  • i like it, sort of retro
  • this is goood!
  • there go!
  • sounds good.
  • interesting
  • i've seen them live twice now they are brilliant!!
  • Lovely song but the hand clapping seems a bit overdone, don't you think?
  • I can't wait to see these boys live, love love them!
  • The Drums are epic, but don't hype them too much, it would kill them!
  • Nah...he sounds like Jonathan Pierce or something like that
  • he sounds a little bit like george harrison to me, i thought i was hearing the beatles!! ;P cute song i like it a lot
  • nice, chilled songs, just watched them on friday night with jonathan ross, nice! :D
  • theyre amazing live. they are the next big thing.
  • Haven't heard a song by them that i don't like :') <3
  • i like it :3
  • Nice production, dorky lyrics. Ironic, I guess.
  • NO WE DIDN'T!!
  • Anyone hear the 867-5309 melody in the guitar riff?
  • whistle
  • I like how it sounds happy and satisfied.. but by the lyrics there is a sense of frustration and determination... StIL So FuN!
  • LOVE It
  • I like this!!
  • Gee, that´s nice.

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