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The Devil Wears Prada

HTML Rulez d00d (3:45)


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  • Вокал на высоте
  • Love the clean vocals!
  • 18th worcester ma, i will be there how about you
  • not too impressed :/
  • Kinda whinny.
  • coming in concert to Houston Tx. in August 2013
  • my fav band
  • It shouldn't matter if they are a christian band or not. I'm jewish and I listen to bands like For Today, In The Midst Of Lions, Skillet and The Devil Wears Prada type bands.
  • does the end of the song have wasp buzzing
  • my step bro told me the same
  • one of my other fav bands my brother told me bout them and i fell in love with there music :) <3
  • I'll always remember the first time i heard these guys.Some random guy at youth camp recomended them to me XD
  • This is the reason "With Roots Above and Branches Below" is so good. They took this song and made a whole album like it.
  • awesome<3333
  • Im a Java guy, but any programming is bad azz
  • CSS rulez t00
  • ¬ loves it ¬ N Chelsea N
  • Why do you care if their christian or not?
  • good song
  • @mcrhgirl1. Yes ^,^
  • valcast7 exactely how i feel, whyyy did they have to be christian XD
  • i love this shit its fucking AWESOME !!
  • Ahmazing, end of story [2]
  • so great
  • ¬ loves it ¬ N Chelsea N
  • Ugh but there a christian band :/ i hate that :////
  • <3 absolutely love this song i freggin love Jeremy Depostyer :D <3
  • no sleeping with sirens on my sws station awww
  • But I'll always love Plagues and Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord!
  • Their older stuff is so much better than their newer stuff. It seems as each new album by them is worse than the previous :/ Dead Throne was a disappointment, yes, but not a bad album :) It just seemed too 'pop' and less original.
  • wide range of imports and domestic releases take a peek we love this band!!
  • EPIC
  • Iove this song <3
  • My Silverstein station is serving me so well. It's given me Silverstein, this, and A Day To Remember.
  • love the way the end of Number threes, never forget links in with the start of this song. Epic
  • Ahmazing, end of story
  • fuckin good song
  • fucking gooood
  • fucking badass song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • winning
  • still so good.
  • бдышь
  • Pulled my neck listening to them once. havent head banged since. :(
  • I love TDWP more and more each time I listen to them =) you were right Krys! This is my favorit song!
  • I LOVE IT ♥
  • so gooood, i could listen to the vocals all day.
  • Great band!!!
  • One of my favorite songs. So so beautiful =]
  • great song!!!!!! Missed them this year when they came to town.


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