• Insult your top 50 artists

    8 mars 2008, 20h50m par anarcho_atlatl

    50. Disrupt: The shattered swastika on your "Smash Divisions" back-patch looks like a normal swastika from a distance which makes me think someone might try and fuck with me.

    49. Dystopia: The Breakfast Club is not hXc. Oh, and why the fuck did it take so long for you to do the artwork for your last album and why don't I have a copy yet?

    48. Flak: The lead singer likes Cock Sparrer for some reason that I still don't get.

    47. The Devil Is Electric: Chris Johnston, you're in like every single fucking band on Plan-It-X and you run the label too. It's like a one man circle jerk with a few other people thrown in from time to time when you get spent.

    46. Born Against: I get your name confused with Born/Dead, who I get confused with Dropdead, which means I get you all confused too much. Fuck that.

    45. Kylesa: For a band with two drummers you could be way more br00tal \m/

    44. Kimya Dawson: Everyone and their mother knows you because of Juno now. Sell-out.