• Hans Zimmer 1987-1993 "The Rise to Power" Version 1.3

    30 juin 2007, 12h44m par CloudyMemory


    In this journal I will describe Zimmer's work between the years 1987 and 1993. These years marked a considerable change for Zimmer, as he stepped out of Myers' shadow and started scoring films on his own. I will start with one last collaboration between these two composers, only a quick stop on the road to his first major projects. Things started getting interesting in 1988, with his score for A World Apart, which ultimately got him the job on Rain Man, the score that would introduce him to Hollywood. I will then provide an overview of a rather large amount of projects Zimmer would work on in the following years and finish this part of the journey in 1993, right before another major turn in his carreer, namely the Academy Award for The Lion King.

    Albums mentioned in the text that are listed on last.fm: A World Apart, Rainman: Complete Score.

    Taffin (1988)