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Staring at the Sea: The Singles
The Cure

Staring at the Sea: The Singles

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  • Must've been '86. I was going somewhere with my dad and he was playing this in the car. I asked him who it was. Always the joker, he tried to convince me that the old man on the cover was the singer. Knowing he was full of s**t, I called his bluff, snagged the tape, wore it thin, and never looked back. Thanks pops! --As a side note, he regretted the decision when I moved on to other British bands of the day. Most notably The Smiths and Morrissey who he referred to as "The Gay Balladeer" Thanks again old fella!
  • Seventeen Seconds is still the best Cure album :<
  • The Cure is The best Band ever!!! But no one my age knows who they are.. Oh yeah by the way The lyrics to jumping someone else's train are actually "don't say what you mean you might spoil your face" not ruin your face.. aha
  • this only whets the appetite
  • The name of this cd is wrong: it should be with an " - " instead of " : "... but I can't seem to find the place to report it...
  • Still the best Cure compilation that there is.
  • In fact. Right up there near the top looking down! There is a great combination of songs on this album.
  • 'don't say what you mean you might ruin your face' love that line in Jumping Someones Else's train. One of my favourite albums..
  • CharlotteSometimesCharlotteSometimesCharlotteSometimes.
  • The Stranger..."I'm the dead man on the beach". Cult.

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