• Album rant: The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record

    9 juin 2006, 18h48m par HeftyFine

    The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record

    1.The Gold Song
    Awesome, really fast and heavy sound here and very emotional vocals. The refrain is very catchy and kicks ass. The song also has a nice little guitar solo and a slower middle part. Really awesome fun tune. Great way to kick off the album. 10/10

    2.So Jersey
    Melancholic guitars and sound here that into a more heavy and smashing sound. I really like the refrain, which sounds a bit old school and very good. Really good vocals there. I love the part beginning at 2.12. Great to sing along with. Great ending also. 9/10

    3.Sounds of the City
    Really bright and happy guitars which sound awesome. The refrain is insanely good and even more guitars kick in so the sound is really awesome. The ending is also quite perfect. Really emotional track. 10/10

    4.The Pizza Song
    Single guitars, then later the drums and other stuff kicks in. Slower and relaxing sound here. The song has also a few saxophones parts in the middle of it. …