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  • This group is either hit or miss for me.
  • New wave.
  • ^_^
  • up for Water will find a way.....likewise hopefully good music will find more listeners as well
  • I wish that When Animals Stare got more recognition, it's such an awesome album
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Full Moon ♥
  • Full moon remix is great!
  • Hit and missssssssssss!
  • The Black Ghosts > When Animals Stare [2]
  • full Mooon <3
  • The Black Ghosts > When Animals Stare
  • An Group whose all music are excellent.
  • Water Will Find A Way <3
  • Repetition Kills You, I Want Nothing, Full Moon <3
  • full Mooon <3
  • Ditto migue's comment
  • Were are the lirycs of the second album??
  • Full Moon✰
  • Full Moon, <3
  • <3
  • Dont Cry *-*
  • what is this bullshit
  • Хватит пиздеть на Сумерки. Радуйтесь что это хоть как-то приобщает людей к нормальной музыке, а не нойте.
  • Sanguinella, That's All There Is, Talk No More, Forgetfulness <3
  • Full Moon, <3
  • Twilight Saga ♥ full moon <3
  • i like a lot of tracks on the new album.. there are a lot of layers to it
  • Water Will Find A Way
  • The new LP requires a few listens but it sounds really good ^^
  • New album isnt that great. : /
  • ненавижу сумерки хотя бы за то,что они оповсовели кучу нормальных песен
  • new album anytime soon??? :D
  • need some new shit ASAP
  • twilight? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • группа что надо. интересные.
  • фаноблядей Сумерек надо убивать шилом.
  • Twilight? Really guys? No wonder Full Moon is the top track. Sigh
  • Oh I really didn't know that Full Moon is from Twilight. Their music is great and Full Moon isn't their best)
  • I despise twilight.. but you've gotta admit that the soundtrack is amazing <3 [5]
  • Fake Blood, your solo shit sucks, let's see some new Black Ghosts.
  • Lovin the album (and i had zero idea they even had anything to do with twi-hard, lol)
  • I want nothing until it comes again some way through this
  • I despise twilight.. but you've gotta admit that the soundtrack is amazing <3 [4]
  • Repetition kills you! ♥
  • Don't Cry ♥
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Full Moon ♥
  • This band is famous only because of twilight's full moon.


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