• Introductory Playlist

    20 oct. 2006, 12h00m par lachry

    1. Ace Of Spades
    I am a relatively new metal fan, and I've tasted new metal, rejected most of it, and went backwards. And after playing guitar hero, I discovered how awesome some classic metal tracks are, And this one tops the list for pineal gland vaporization.

    2. Colony of Birchmen
    Like I said, some new metal sticks... Blood Mountain is just an amazing album. I've heard that loyal fans hate it, I love it.

    3. Wolf Like Me
    One amazing Track off a relatively less amazing third album, Return To Cookie Mountain. But Nothing quite sticks out like this track

    4. She's My Man
    The Scissor Sisters new album does not suffer from the sophomore slump, it's still crazy-glam-rock-snappers one after the other.

    5. Supermassive Black Hole
    what is this sub-genre being called again? Apocalyptica? Yes that's appropriate.

    6. Baby Boomerang
    I just started getting into T. Rex, it's almost as if they were just kicking elton john in the balls over and over again.

    7. Gronlandic Edit
  • The Aquabats @ Metro- June 3, 2005

    4 juin 2006, 7h23m par livefastdiefree

    Guh. Good show, horrible crowd. I have never been that squished before in my life. I dislike being elbowed in the face, so I clawed people. And I bit someone's arm. Anyway...

    The Aggrolites were first, and I quite liked them. My friends and I were in the second row, so we could see well, which was good.

    Whole Wheat Bread were next, and I think I would have really liked them had I been able to see/had not been getting elbowed in the face/was not getting squished. From what I could hear (ghhh) they were good.

    Finally, The Aquabats came on. I had a really good time, despite being completely soaked in sweat/other people's sweat/water/who knows what else, and getting elbowed in the face, and squished, and ughhh. Started out in row 2, by Pool Party I was in the middle, and by Super Rad I was all the way in the back. I was really excited for this show, since I love the 'bats, but ughhh... people are bloody irritating sometimes.

    Set list included (not in any order, bugger that)
    Lovers of Loving Love