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  • Still no Dublin gig :-(
  • 'Bobby's Song' could appear on a Gong album, great song
  • The Aliens are total awesome :)
  • The Happy Song is mega adorable! :)
  • Two thumbs up, @hotterthanjuly!
  • Нормально впринцапи.но чтоб прям мего зацепило не сказал бы!!!
  • i need a new album please
  • Scrobbling the dubstep producers of the same name.
  • The Beta Band "at least had a few tunes"?! No more commenting about the Aliens for you, gadabouty.
  • With a name like The Aliens, they really need to work on their pictures.
  • The aliens > Beta me anything like "Blue Mantle," "Magic Man," or "Sunlamp Show" by the Beta band.
  • everyone on this site tone-deaf? The Aliens are total crap.....I'm sorry, but the guys should have stuck with the Beta Band which at least had a few tunes and a vibe about it....the aliens are a sorry bunch.....
  • amen to that. Let us know when you're working on something newww. we love your music
  • Come to México
  • Exterminate!!!! WOB WOB WOB!! :D
  • 50,000 listeners? They're as good as any other modern neo-psychedelic band.
  • Play Dublin soon, pleaseeeeeeeeee
  • How did I not listen to The Aliens for so long?!
  • cool neo psychedelica .
  • anybody know if the ep, "I was born" is by them. it doesn't sound like them did itunes skrew up or something?
  • Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :D Magic Man, Rox, Sunlamp Show :)
  • Theremin is just so great!
  • sunlamp show is the best thing oh my god
  • Why is Roky Erickson tagged as The Aliens on spotify?
  • Sweeeet. How have I never heard The Aliens before? This is tremendous.
  • Luna is outstanding. These guys should be getting a lot more love than they are.
  • I think that Magic Man is one of their greatest songs of their career, and i'm including The Beta Band period.
  • i can't seem to get enough of this music lately. love!
  • 100th shout. Nice. Good band. I need a complete album instead of one song from the first one and most of the second. It would help if I could find them in stores.
  • I made a video to the aliens "happy song" it's a tad humourous =]
  • oh yeeeeeeah! the best modern psychedelic band out there.
  • jesus they're so underplayed considering how fucking good they are! and how is Bobby's Song so low?! fucking amazing song!!
  • naaaaajs
  • sweet they're playing lounge.. prolly one of the few bands i'll actually go see this year
  • wow! glad to discover them, what a sound!
  • happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy
  • Luna is one of their best records ever!! and i'm talking about since their first as Beta Band.
  • <3
  • devon to fife... some time in the near future... do consider playing 'totnes' the ariel centre, south devon. shine on you crazy diamond
  • gordon 'lone pigeon anderson' my friend. x i met gordon in northern spain some 8 yrs ago. he was on a journey, like me. we travelled from gerona to barcelona. togetha- you were our gardian angels....charlie, mimi, gordon and denni, dancing in the moonlight..that was a precious moment in time.... tnx gordon... i just wasn't aware that i know some one who is so well known and famous and is occasionally blown away by the odd phychotic episode, now and again (QUITE NORMAL) and i am so proud of your achievements. love denni xxx loving your music.. iv'e come home...
  • I think Sunlamp Show's a weird choice for the new single but the remixes are great.
  • Good stuff, enjoying it quite a bit.
  • Gert Lush xxxx
  • Very cool music.....d-.-b
  • come to la. lol
  • Come to LA!!!!!!!
  • I've had a really shitty period in life and just want to thank Aliens for Billy Jack, I lost my faith a litte recently with the beta band split and ste mason (love that guy so much) but also adore aliens, thanks so much for the great music all of you. Please keep up the good work. If nothing else a sad loney sole in manchester adores the stuff you put out.
  • wow, that free remix thats up on their facebook page is fucking excellent!


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