12 déc. 2008, 2h56m par neesh

    This year I learned the titles of and artists behind many songs that have been replaying in my mind since my youth. I also spent a lot of time in the car and away from computer (oh noez!) so my charts aren't all that accurate. I've also had tons of computer issues. I've switched over my music library about three times and still haven't fully integrated it to my spiffy macbook. Hell, I'm still having issues with my machine.

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    The musical act that dominated my ears and thoughts in 2008 would have to be The Eppard Brothers. I've been a huge fan of Josh Eppard and Joey Eppard separately for years. I listened to old bootlegs from when they used to perform together, but caught on too late to witness it for myself... until their live musical reunion on March 22nd.

    What I knew would be a historic event turned into something I couldn't have ever in my wildest dreams fathomed. Josh used his acoustic kit and the Vic Firth Hot Rod sticks. …