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Ted Nugent

Cat Scratch Fever (3:37)


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  • I hope they're coming for me.
  • Good one.
  • Scratch Lasch Fever
  • Back when I was in high school I lived around the corner from Maw and Paw Nuge, used to see his rocked out black Bronco there some times, just too shy to go say hi.
  • ted rules
  • Perfect ringtone :')
  • in the 70.s my bro got me believen this was a real sickness. i wouldnt touch a cat for years. love you sam. you ass.
  • Ted for president
  • Hey, You lib progressive pansies, this is a music site. Take your political views and cry to momma. Can't handle his right to express his opinion you don't deserve to isten to this awesome rock. Go play with your pet rocks.
  • Fuck politics. _nIm Long live rock! \m/
  • Great
  • I love Ted Nugent.
  • loved this for ages and also pantera's version
  • Spank! Ironic! I have been saying Spank forever! lol! :-)
  • I was at a Ted concert years ago at a club and I stood next to the stage....most awesome concert of my life!! I ldidn't hear for 3 days. It was great!!
  • That Danm Kitty Next Door!
  • ***THANKS GERD***
  • Always great to hear......
  • I was always heavily medicated when I saw Nugent. It made things better.........
  • Politics do not make you love his music. His politics are outside of his career and music. Respect his talent/music.
  • Fuck politics! Music is WAY more interesting. If you bring your politics to, you suck!
  • Yeah well the "political aside" is hard to consider when he calls for violence against elected officials. I'm thinking medication from a professional in the mental health field...
  • I make the pussy purr with a stroke of my hand. So subtle.
  • Political views aside, Uncle Ted is a R&R legend.
  • Ted is one of the greatest hard rock guitar players and one of the biggest political trolls:))
  • Ted-Obama 2016
  • get ur groove on
  • ted's views are cool. remember the Alamo!
  • I can't stand Ted's shitty political views but i love his music..
  • Mmmotor City mmmadness..Mmmotor City mmmadness!
  • My library took me from John Denver to Ted Nugent. Took my mind a moment to adjust. Love them both.
  • Gods, yes, the Motor City Madman...
  • Scratch that beaver..!!
  • Voorheen was alles nog erger!
  • don't you all mean the draft dodger
  • The Nuge,nuff ced!
  • The Version from Motörhead is much better.
  • stupid fuck.. but your music is cool
  • Nothing Fancy just in your face rock n roll
  • Ted for Prez.
  • Are you listening Hoover?
  • This one of my favorite songs. I can listen to this all day & all night.
  • I AGREE UNCLE TED FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the greatestest rifts of all time.
  • Anyone who actually believes Ted Nugent threatened the presidents life is a fucking moron, obviously some idiots haven't gone to school long enough to tell the difference between a death threat and a fucking figure of speech.
  • Still lovin' it. Ted you are a super American.
  • I AGREE UNCLE TED FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's not too late...Ted for Prez!!!


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