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  • Rory and folks. ♥
  • Wow!
  • >> [url=]Related material of the Irish Taste[/url]
  • RIP Eric say hi to Rory
  • i can`t believe what i listen " cry for love " this version are not the true song from Taste
  • they taste so good .....[3]
  • They Taste So Good......[2]
  • You just added TASTE to my Library....
  • got onto this page from a small orchestra arranger by same name, bought 5 Gallagher albums today so why not check them out :P
  • "You added Taste to your library." ^.^
  • "You added Taste to your library." :)
  • Rory of the best guitars of all time !!!
  • So let's have that stiff upper lip now take a long deep breath, Close your ears you cannot hear the rules are all pre-set. You thought we were illusions but we meant the word we said, We're in command, you tiny fly, we'll crush you till you're dead.
  • "She looks like the morning sun, but you must remember - She's as cold as december
  • I'll eat my words if I am wrong, you can count when I sing my song You don't hate me, you hate my tongue You won't even read my will...
  • Hail is really cool
  • Cork's finest.
  • rest in peace rory... : )
  • If you dig these guys, you gotta check out JPT Scare Band. Crazy acid rock/protometal stuff. Legendary guitar work.
  • I would like to purchase a Rory Gallagher Poster, if any body knows wher I can get 1, please let me know Thanks a Million....
  • Final part of the 2nd season with the newcomer voting in the [group]Irish Rock League[/group]. It's only your votes that decide!
  • Great Band! Rory always gonna be amazing.
  • Thanks, I hadn't known Rory was in this band previously!
  • Rory is total quality. Greatly missed
  • Rory will always be my no.1 Legend!
  • Rory Gallagher...need I say more !!!
  • What a nice taste
  • Boom this is exactly what i want to listen to
  • Get "On The Boards"; just brilliant!
  • got a album back in the mid 60's love it glad i found this! ya'll enjoy!
  • r_m
    Wow, I'm jealous! Oh why did you have to go and die, Rory?
  • Saw them live in 1970 superb night and one i'll never forget.
  • Hello! Maybe this is something for you: /Ronny
  • What's going on?
  • Lovin' 'On The Boards' thanks PapaShura for the link it was truely legendary!
  • That's the Blues.
  • r_m
  • Take albums here for free
  • The debut album is bluesrock at it's finest, and On the Boards ain't too shabby either.
  • Best band ever
  • On the boards is the best thing Rory ever done!
  • r_m
    Greatest trio ever
  • Tastes Great!!!
  • rory. (:
  • Yes, it is raw blues at it's finest.
  • Is the self-titled a good album to start with?
  • it sucks not to be taste :/

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