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Talking Heads

Cities (4:17)


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  • it's a great song on its own but that fade-in, holy shit, incredible
  • one of my favourite
  • fear of cities
  • this is seriously the best
  • bohemian chic summed it up.Check out the live concert in 78 rome from youtube.
  • this song is proof of Brian Eno's brilliant production skills. there's so many subtle things going on in the mix!
  • Be forewarned: Nearly all Talking Heads songs are addicting!! :)))
  • Look over there! A dry ice factory!
  • Awesome song!
  • This (+++) song always reminds me of a very good friend.
  • yeah, that fade-in is hardBODY. other bands might as well not even try to fade in, because this fade in was the best i've ever heard in my life
  • The manic singing is at once hilarious and utterly moving
  • Just minutes before this song came on i was in a terrible mood...then this came god this song is magic, bad mood gone! :)
  • I can't help but to dance to this song every time I listen to it!
  • bassline!
  • Byrne's songwriting frequently had a lot of concern about where he would be living... this song, Don't Be Afraid of the Government, Life During Wartime, Flowers... I'm sure there are more...
  • I love the fade in!
  • i'm a LITTLE FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Demented brilliance
  • Fuck yes, damn good nervous stuff.
  • 2'06" - I love how Byrne sounds hoarse here.
  • Impressed by how fresh this still sounds. (2)
  • Do I smell? I smell homecooking!
  • Infectious.
  • The Heads can be sexy too.
  • One of my favorite songs ever. I also love hearing Phish jam the fuck out of it.
  • Best Talking Heads song IMO.
  • ♫ Find a city, find myself a city to live in ♫ so damn catchy!
  • Can't sit still to this song. One of the best songs on Fear of Music. [2]
  • Great song <3
  • Some good points!
  • I do not fear music...
  • damn good...
  • oh yes
  • one of their best imo
  • Some good points!
  • I'm checking them out.
  • I love dancin' to this track.
  • david byrne!!!!
  • Awesome bass line.
  • Iconic psycho-rock album.
  • Gotta find myself a city! Find myself a city to live in!
  • from my favorite th album
  • faster faster faster!
  • m
  • "Look over there! A dry ice factory! A good place to get some thinking done."
  • David Byrne is a genious


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