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  • Power Electronics Taint is frightening, to say the least.
  • о, это ж тот хуй, мамку которого в переходе отъебал таждик
  • Many have striven to place their sound within a handy genre definition, only to find themselves wondering whether a band so dynamic and full of surprises can really be called sludge, or whether music so antithetical to boredom can justifiably be termed post-hardcore.
  • terror
  • uk description is the gayest ever
  • [url=]"...I've got a five-inch taint."[/url]
  • I love that this argument has been over for months and months, yet some people still come one try and comment on it or stir it up.
  • this turd-throwing hither and thither is fucking lame [2]
  • god dammit, everything PE Taint puts out is top notch
  • Dau ghter is fucking awesome by the way.
  • Two artists have the same name; who cares?
  • mass appeal sadness. sad it don't appeal masses, aint it
  • fuck rock n roll music
  • These bands should release a record together and call it Taintx2
  • i like sludge as a genre, but in this case power electronics taint wins.
  • It's always like this with other bands with same names. Goddamn Inure and Cruentus people
  • Wow, my attempt at calming the situation effectively pours more fuel on the fire; some people sure do love to argue don't they.
  • Wow, if there weren't two popular artists vying for this moniker then this shoutbox sure would be thinner...
  • Still auto correct is correcting 'Pray The Wind Don't Change' to PrEy.... come on peeps, get it right, it's pray (with an 'a') wink wink nudge nudge.
  • i wouldn't even call the sludge Taint sludge... it's more stoner than anything else. anyway, fuck this hyped stuff crap banter. this turd-throwing hither and thither is fucking lame
  • Wrong picture.
  • sludge > you
  • sludge Taint is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Pfft, sludge. [2]
  • This band has the beat
  • Funny. Sludge and PE fans usually get along pretty well...
  • Obviously not, since I didn't address whether either band was talented or valid.
  • j-pk has it.
  • Jesus, sure is full of assholes in this shoutbox. Sludge has been around since the late 80s so they've both been around for quite some time. Just because a genre has a 'cult following' doesn't make it more memorable or any more valid as a form of music so shut up and quit trolling. Let's just say they're both talented in their own genres and leave it at that.
  • we'll see
  • sludge taint will remain and last in rock history !!
  • Also the dedication of the band is irrelevant to the conversation since my claim was the PE taint has more dedicated FANS then the rock one does.
  • Sludge has been around for awhile, but it is currently experiencing a spike in its listenership largely because of heavily hyped labels like southern lord and hyped post rock bands like ISIS had their roots in sludge and this has drawn a lot of the college rock crowd. I doubt in ten years this will still be the case. Noise/Industrial has been around in its current form more or less since the late 70s and has had a strong cult following since. No matter what happens in rock n roll, bands like Taint (PE) will continue to exist and continue to have fans that are dedicated to them. Dedication is why there are so many unprofitable tape labels keeping groups like this alive. Because as a cult genre it is partially insulated by the trends you see in rock n roll. If I'm still on this website in 5 years I will bet anything that the PE taint will still have a strong pretense, whereas rock band will not.
  • your picture is incredibly shit
  • Everything power electronic fans have said in this shoutbox thus far is fucking ridiculous. I'll miss the 'proper' Sludge band though, glad I at least saw them before they called it a day although I never got my hands on a hair monster tshirt :(
  • Trends? The sludge/rock Taint were together for 16 years and decided to split because of members starting families and not being able to tour any more. They were hardly a 'flash in the pan' or result of a new trend. This Taint will last in rock history as a cult band with bags of integrity. Will be interesting to see if another band starts after them.
  • Yah you power electronic fans are just so much more dedicated then us trend-hopping sludge listeners, hahaha
  • So what trend exactly were the Welsh Taint part of?
  • the PE picture will always be back because a smaller, more dedicated group of fans listening to a cult act will always dominate a larger group of fans of a group that rises and falls, unremembered by the time the next trend hits.
  • pic of Keith is back fuck yeah
  • at least I got to see them live. (:
  • This break up sucks.. I Was not prepared for this at all..
  • very sad that the band broke up
  • cool break up
  • The Gooch is one of my favorite songs by Keelhaul. Sad they broke up :( They were better than Baroness IMO. Too many good bands breaking up lately.
  • RIP :/
  • RIP Taint, one of the best uk bands in a long time
  • Indeed.
  • Sad news!


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