• v.a. - the ayahuasca expirience (trancelucent prod., 2006)

    6 avr. 2006, 10h52m par Unspeakable

    trancelucent prod.

    studio that have its own way of developing in my eyes. from the moment when the misted muppet album was out label became one of most interesting for me. that was real chackpoint release and after it in the year 2005 there were 3 solid releases one of them was solo release of electro sun. label has new site and new release full with young full-on producers and signed artists as well.

    the ayahuasca expirience

    compiled by dj ayawaska. i know him only from the promo-text on the disc-cover and i have to say that cover itself similiar in its style to the misted muppet - from the legend cover. i like this style and think that this one even better then the first.

    Etic vs Dj Ayawaska - the ayahuaska expireince
    Electro Sun - death wish
    Double Impact - on & on
    System Nipel - bicycle race
    The Misted Muppet - the missing sun (urabn re-make)
    Bubble - pozza
    Opposite 8 - game boy
    Loud - machines
    Brain Damage - no gravity