• Flashback Cafe - Suzanne Vega - 99.9F

    18 mai 2011, 14h48m par astrolabe1976

    I always thought 99.9f degrees was an under looked gem of the 1990s. Suzanne Vega for most people is a two hit wonder with her hitsluka and Tom's Diner (remixed by DNA). She then mostly faded away into the folk/college rock/Lilith Fair background.

    What's interesting about 99.9F is how Suzanne and then husband Mitchell Froom embraced synthesizers, drum machines and samplers for an understated but interesting electronic/industrial sound…something MTV clumsily described as "post industrial folk"

    All the songs are still traditional modern folk with thoughtful lyrics, and none of the electronics are in your face, except perhaps the clanging industrial percussion of Blood Makes Noise

    Theres definitely a melancholic streak running through most of the songs, except maybe the fun carnival of Fat Man and Dancing Boy

    Vega swears it a coincidence (though she is flattered by it) but 3 of the songs here could very well be about the HIV/AIDS crisis. …