• Concert Liste EU + Japan + Korea - Update 09/2012

    15 sept. 2006, 13h02m par Yume_chan

    Okay, it is so long ago, that I wrote anything here...and I just decided to update my Concert List, because since I was in japan in July 2006 it got MUCH longer XD"

    - Blood (in Paris, France) 02.04.2004

    - Eve of Destiny (in Münster, Germany)

    - Balzac (Köln, Germany - with interview ^o^)

    - DéspairsRay (Berlin, Germany) 30.10.2004

    - Blood (Kassel , Germany - with press-conference) 11.09.2004

    - 蜉蝣 (München, Germany) 11.02.2005

    - DIR EN GREY (Berlin, Germany) 28.05.2005

    - ムック (Köln, Germany) 05.05.2006

    - DIR EN GREY (Köln, Germany) 28.05.2006

    --+-- MY TIME IN JAPAN --+--

    - Revbel, xjihadox, Reincarnation, Rez, Ruinas, ViaVie, Liberalism, gashaito (Meguro RockMayCan, Tokyo, Japan) 29.06.2006

    - Kamikaze Boyz (Ikebukuro Cyber, Tokyo, Japan) 01.07.2006

    - darty drop, Meteor, Party Room, Uraki, Ameria (Ikebukuro Cyber, Tokyo, Japan) 04.07.2006

    - Dollis Mary, Dolly, Gensyoku Atome, NoGoD, REALICE, Cinema Strip (Urawa Narciss, Tokyo, Japan) 05.07.2006
  • Bittersweet Symphony

    15 sept. 2006, 9h51m par Minimalistix

    I just came across Bittersweet Symphony today and have really fallen in love with it. Made me realise how much I'm really into Blues.

    Lukas Rossi sang it today on Rock Star: Supernova and that's how I came to hear it. (By the way, Lukas has been named the lead singer for Supernova after winning the 11-week competition beating out 14 other contestants.)

    The song starts with just a violin fading in. Sounds very lovely!

    Here are the opening lines...

    Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life
    Try to make ends meet
    You're a slave to the money
    Then you die

    They have really touched me. They are so very true!
    Richard Ashcroft has summed up most people's lives in just a single line.

    No change
    I can change - 3
    But I'm here in my mold - 2
    But I'm a million different people
    From one day to the next
    I can't change my mold
    No, no, no, no, no

    Very symbolic. Very deep.

    Well I never pray
  • About Rockstar Supernova: Finale Night

    14 sept. 2006, 12h46m par APhoenix13

    By Joséli Costa Jantsch

    First of all, I have to say that I haven't seen the Last Episode yet, unfortunatelly in Brazil It will only take place on Sunday and As I will be getting myself prepared for my surgery I would not be able to watch it!

    But I just get some informations about the Night Finale at my Friend Jason's page....Before knowing the results I was a little bit sad, because , as I live in Brazil, and not in SP or RJ, It would be a little bit impossivel to see Supernova alive...

    Now, after finding out the results, I'm no longer sad or even planning to see the guys alive, the canadian Lukas Rossi always were my last choice for the band, and why? Not all because he always sing with a sad face, but most of all because besides that he makes my stomach spins (in agony) when he comes to the stage, he seems to be always in pain, and I just hate that, Rock must be fresh and funny (of course, with a touch of sadness and anger), and Lukas is exactly the oposite of that!!!

  • Supernova, Rock and Roll, Friendship and Bread

    6 sept. 2006, 19h47m par APhoenix13

    By Joséli Costa Jantsch

    I know, I know, probably you all are asking about what all this things has to do?
    And my answer to that question is very simple, they have, at least for me, everything to do!

    Yesterday after a whole week waiting for the brand new Supernova Episode, I could not watch it,or better, I tried, but my mind was somewhere else, thinking about the true meaning of frienship...

    I am a quite bit sad about that, cause before everything happen I had many things to say about the two last ones episodes, the "All Apologies" one and, of course and especially, the other about " the dark horse elimination".

    But after all,I just cant remain here sat in mute mode...Without telling you guys about what's happening to me...about my fellings....

    Well, as I am a little bit perfeccionist and as some of you know my 30th birthday will be on september 15th, I spent the last week organizing the party, Yeah, I had several problems with the place which I chose to make my party…
  • Ryan Star on Rock Star: Supernova

    5 sept. 2006, 13h56m par Minimalistix

    Hi there,

    If you are a music lover and even if just a little bit into "Rock", you'll love Rock Star: Supernova. It's currently running it's 2nd season with the Rock Band Supernova looking for a young talented Rocker to front their band.

    Last season it was Rock Star: INXS with the Rock Band INXS being on the hunt. INXS picked J.D. Fortune as their lead singer and recorded their latest album called Switch. The second single released from Switch is Afterglow. A very lovely song with synth, strings and airy guitar which incidentally I'm listening to right now! Caught it's video on VH1. Really liked the way lighting was done and that it featured the actress Estella Warren too.

    Okay! Back to Rock Star: Supernova. The competition has really heated up! Only the top 6 Rockers remain: Ryan Star, Toby Rand, Magni, Storm Large, Dilana and Lukas Rossi.

  • Supernova: Fan Selection Night

    30 août 2006, 13h20m par APhoenix13

    By Joséli Costa Jantsch

    Last night two Rebel Angels came rocking to Supernova stage.Yeah Baby, I'm talking about Toby and Dilana, They simply rocked yesterday night!!!

    The show began with an amazing [track]lithium[/track]
    performance by Lukas, "The Cure" next generation guy, well he did his best and so Magni did his best too performing "I alone" (Live), proving one more time, that he would be a wonderful choice for bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and why not for Soundgarden.But for Supernova, both of them, simply don't fit!

    And, right after the breaktime, for the first time I had the chance to watch Storm performing "Bring me to life" (Evanescence). Sorry baby, I know that you put all your energy and efforts on that presentation, but even Zayra performed better than you.

    But, Storm was not the only unlucky person last night, Ryan, "The dark horse", in spite of having a great initial piano performance on "Clocks" (Coldplay)…
  • thu 24/08/06 - one more day... and it's finally weekend

    24 août 2006, 10h19m par dthprod

    These Arms Are Snakes will be releasing a limited edition seven inch single through the Suicide Squeeze label next month. It's to feature the tracks Horse Girl and Old Paradise. Only 2000 copies will be pressed. The bands new album, 'Easter', is issued by Jade Tree on October 9.

    Due to security issues, Anathema have been forced to cancel their planned show in Jordan on August 25. This was due to happen in Amman Al Ahleyeh.

    Good Charlotte may not be releasing their fourth, as yet untitled album until early in '07. But the band have surprised fans by announcing a month long US tourm, starting in late September.

    Supernova - the band featuring Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke - have announced a US tour, starting on December 31. This is in support of their self-titled, debut album, due out in late November. The band still don't know who'll be singing with them, as they await the outcome of the reality TV series ''.
  • About Rockstar: Supernova

    21 août 2006, 17h10m par APhoenix13

    By Joséli Costa Jantsch

    Yesterday, after 2 Non TV months, I finally had some time to do it and while my zapping moments infront of TV I just found this amazzing TV Show called "Rockstar: Supernova"!
    A TV Show which is produced by Dave Navarro (Ex Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Jane's Addiction and actual Panic Channel Guitar man), supervised by Slash (Ex GNR Guitar man), Moby, Macy Gray and Rob Zombie (White Zombie Lead Singer)and hosted by the dazzling model and actress Brooke Burke.
    And,What is it about? Well, it's about 15 all over the world rockers who had joined to this crazy competition to become the lead singer of brand new band called "Supernova" formed by Tommy Lee (Ex Mötley Crüe Drummer), Jason Newsted (Ex Metallica Bass man)and Gilby Clark (Ex GNR Guitar man), who, by tha way,judge the competitors.
    Well, on the yesterday's episode, unfortunatelly the first I had watched, Dilana, a South African girl, was chosen to perform with Supernova guys and I have to say…
  • aquabats and more.

    19 août 2006, 19h23m par sushiday

    Yup. Got some tickets to go see the Aquabats tonight. I'm pretty stoked. I haven't seen a ska band live yet and I know it'll be cool. Apparently they're playing with Supernova and Time Again. Never heard of either.

    Speaking of free tickets, Nathan's got some for the Say Anything concert too! :] I knew something good would come out of this engagement. (nathan, if you read this, I'm KIDDING!)

    MAE with The New Amsterdamsis coming up pretty soon. Time to get those tickets.

    I've also fallen hard for Imogen Heap. Why did I not know she was who sang for Frou Frou?! I feel so uninformed. But happily surprised too.

    Anyone else hear of Sufjan Stevens? My dad was listening to him the other day and I was interested so he gave me a copy. I've only listened to a few songs but he seems pretty folksy, which I'm into. Once again, dad is right.


    Chicago on Thursday. Bridal shower Saturday. Moving to house on the 4th.
  • Taking the music back.

    15 jui. 2006, 19h17m par gabovancrue

    Hey hey!

    Mi primer post en la nueva version de
    Me llamo Gabriel y soy (y seguiré siendo) un rockero hasta la muerte.

    Pues, ahora escuchando algo de Ted Nugent, Cat Scratch Fever, les comentaré acerca de los nuevos realities que estan saliendo...pues en realidad los unicos q he visto: SuperGroup y Rockstar.

    El primero, transmitido por VH1 (y yo lo bajo de Internet) es la union d 5 rockeros: Ted Nugent, Scott Ian (de Anthrax, Jason Bohnam (Bonham, UFO, mejor conocido como el hijo del legendario batero John Bonham, de Led Zeppelin), Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard) y Sebastian Bach (ex-vocalista de Skid Row).
    A todos estos manes los encierran en una mansion en Las Vegas, con el objetivo de despues de 12 dias formar una banda (que se terminó llamando Damnocracy), crear musica y hacer un concierto.

    El otro es practicamente la combinacion de American Idol (o en su defecto colombiano, Factor X) con un ambiente mas rockero.
    Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses) y Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica