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    7 nov. 2008, 3h10m par xaviae

  • <3 Lyrics

    27 jui. 2007, 22h26m par omystarisfading

    So I've decided to keep an entry full of all my favorite lyrics.

    And since I've been addicted to this song since I got The Con on Wendsday, this one is the first.

    I miss you now
    I guess like I should have missed you then
    My body moves
    Like curtains waving in and out of wind, in and out of windows
    I can't untangle, I can't untangle
    What I feel and what would matter most
    I can't get close and I, I can't get close
    And now there's just no point, in reaching out for me
    In the dark, I'm just no good at giving relief

    Tegan and Sara, Relief Next to Me

    I was running late for work
    So I didn't change my shirt
    The evening's drinks left a lingering taste in my mouth
    And when I left
    You were fast asleep
    Tangled in the sheets
    And on the bus I could have sworn it was all a dream
    And it didn't happen to me

    The Postal Service, Be Still my Heart

    You told us of your new life there
    you got someone comin' around
    gluing tinsel to your crown