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  • This is the only one from smallfear souvenir that's been leaked by doseone himself on his blog.
  • New sampler I made featuring some experimental electronics with involvement of Odd Nosdam, Botany, Subtle, Dosh, BBNG and more.
  • I own a copy of each, I'm just curious about pressing information.
  • @Dr_MoonOrGun : about season EPs from Subtle - no matter how much it pressed - only CDs, they available on Discogs, Amazon, Ebay etc., i think.. that stuff is too old for the low prices, if you looking for Mint items)... ...still sounds great, like their LPs released just yesterday. one of my favs hip-hop projects for all times..
  • Anyone know how many copies of the season EPs were pressed?
  • Шикарная группа! A new White - так это вообще классика!
  • prog hop
  • [Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads] lulwut
  • Midas Gutz is in a league of its own.
  • Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • these tags are fucking retarded
  • From what I have heard the artists working on SmallFear are all amazing. I would gladly hand over my ARM for any news about this Souvenir of an album.
  • Man, we're still waiting for SmallFear! From what I understand it's done and ready too. I don't get the wait.
  • Almost FIVE MONTHS without a shout for these guys. Subtle is the best. This is exactly the I sort of mood I cannot watch movies in.
  • Alias remix of sick soft perfection? BMSR remix of gonebones? SmallFear Souvenir please! i wish it would get released...
  • I would be quite surprised by the news myself whenever SmallFear Souvenir gets released.
  • No doubt. I hope that they do surface sometime.
  • i wish there subtle would release a new album. still waiting for exitingARM remixes..
  • Just finished my instrumental Hip Hop album. It got some IDM, Orchestral, Electronica, Noise, Rock and many more involved genres mixed together. Its called Second Try and got 11 FREE Tracks and 33 Minutes of Music. Check it out and hit me up, if you wanna tell me something bout it. Mediafirelink on album page.
  • this sounds very interesting. where do i start with this?
  • Godspeed Dogs.
  • He's a busy, and seemingly easily distracted guy...
  • Ugh...yeah, the Nevermen album was supposed to be done with last fall, but Dose has not said anything more about it, so when it might be put out...who knows? Hoping soon. I really hope it doesn't disappoint me.
  • Stripped cured and worn in order to protect you, from its likeness or opposite fate, Such are the toils of the skull space and its no place to ache. - They play beautiful things indeed.
  • Discussion: What happened? Have they disbanded? That's kind of what it sound like has happened.
  • I dig it. Very cool. Discuss?
  • <3 Subtle. DoseOne is the man.
  • It's like Residents meets hip hop/trip hop. Love them!
  • Jordan of Subtle has an album coming out on Anticon in 2011: Wow; just found out about this today. This looks really promising.
  • i seen them in Madison WI thy had a band before them play and it was sick forgot there name though crap
  • SmallFear Souvenir was supposed to be out late '08. It is now late '10, and no word. I understand Dose is a busy fucker, but a "Hey, this is still in the works, don't lose hope" would be nice...
  • Deathful OMFG
  • ах вы белые уебки
  • Tragic middle-class act.
  • Love this band.
  • not bad at all? why do you think it's a terrible name?
  • terrible band name, or the worst band name?
  • shout
  • wow... somethin new i have to keep lookin into.
  • Mike Ladd returns with The Infesticons, get a free download of 'Kick Anthem' here: New album 'Bedford Park' is released on Big Dada on 12th April 2010.
  • Has anyone seen/heard about/have any info on the For Hero: For Fool board game that doseone made and sold on the You're Promoted! tour....?
  • Does anyone know what happened to Does anyone know where I can find theOughtAlmanac of AmassedFact Vol.I in text form or audio form, or both?
  • what other songs have that melody from the ends and middleclass kill? i know i've heard it elsewhere, but can't remember on which records/songs.
  • STILL no SmallFear Souvenir >:(
  • Yell & Ice has some good stuff too.
  • I'm just going to point out that 'Exciting ARM' is a whole lot better than most everyone gives it credit for. It's deep and powerful in so many new ways. I admit though, that the song intros might pull people away. If you find yourself wanting to skip a track, instead fastforward to the 2:00 mark. I guarantee any Subtle fan will enjoy the last half of every song on the album. And comeon, "Gonebones" takes their style and builds on it taking something amazing and creating something breathtakingly profound.
  • Oh wow, this is amazing stuff...just listening to For Hero : For Fool for the first time right now and it's really great. I can't believe I didn't check them out sooner, being a huge cLOUDDEAD, Deep Puddle Dynamics, and well, everything I've heard from Anticon fan for quite a long long time. Which reminds me, I really need to listen to more Anticon-and-related stuff...
  • still no SmallFear Souvenir.
  • "yes, it was Fords fautl for allowing drunken, pot smoken hippies to drive in bad weather conditions. There should be an automatic cut-off switch when the van smells marijuana!" ...oh sweet, sweet delicious ignorance, lol.


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