• Greatest Albums of All Times IMO

    26 mars 2009, 16h53m par akamud

    #1 Revolver by The Beatles
    Okay, it's true that everytime I listen to a whole Beatles' album I think to myself "God, this is the greatest album ever!", but Revolver is the one that most gives me that feeling, and this is not because I listen to it more than the others, it's because it is the greatest album ever!

    #2 Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon
    Wow. I can't put to words what I think of this album. Simply blew my mind.

    #3 In Rainbows by Radiohead

    #4 Abbey Road by The Beatles
    Big spoiler here: all the Beatles' albums will be on this list.

    #5 Keasbey Nights by Streetlight Manifesto
    Streetlight's version takes the credit because it has the "extended" Dear Sergio, among other things.
    I still can remember the day I first listened to a band called "Catch 22", I was looking for some ska songs, (which, at that time, I didn't know much) and discovered them, it was love at first hearing. Probably one of the bands that most influenced my third-wave-ska discovery…
  • Streetlight Manifesto - amazing again.

    15 avr. 2008, 21h14m par Blue0ctane

    Mon 14 Apr – Streetlight Manifesto, ZOX, Dan Potthast

    I'm going to keep this review short. I saw Streetlight back in November for the first time. It was an incredible concert, so when I heard about them coming to the Culture Room again in April, I bought my ticket the first day they were on sale.

    I got to the Culture Room at 7:25 with Nick, Jake, and a couple others. People were already going in, and after 15 or so minutes, I had my wrist bracelet.

    Dan Potthast opened around 8 PM. He played a pretty short set. I don't know recall any of the song names, but you were all there, so it's not like it matters. His style reminded me of Weird Al and TMBG - humorous while maintaining a good musical sense.

    The other opening act was Zox. I'd heard nothing about these guys before the concert, but they were fucking hardcore. I know a couple other bands that use an electric violin (Turisas being the one that springs immediately to mind), but that doesn't take away from its originality and pure awesomeness.
  • Yayz!

    21 avr. 2006, 3h19m par Spamlord

    I get to see The Aquabats and Streetlight Manifesto on May 19th! And I get to go with my best friends. 8D

    If they don't play Dear Sergio, THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED. >:0