• what a hard act to follow

    17 juin 2007, 8h44m par ararejul

    Sat 9 Jun – Sparta, Straylight Run, Lovedrug

    I had been so excited for this event for AGES. If you don't know I'm a pretty big Straylight Run fan. I recently told my friend that if i were to ever get a tattoo of anyones lyrics on me it would be theirs (btw i would never do that but i was just stating).

    I didn't know much about Lovedrug but there had been great buzz about the newest album so I was also excited for that. Then finally the person I was going really likes Sparta so she had me excited for them.

    Lovedrug opened and the lead singer started out on the coolest organ/piano thing I've ever seen in my life. It looked so amazingly cool. Haha, I didn't have the best view though because I let these two girls ahead of me since they were there "for" Lovedrug. The band was pretty good and they convinced me enough to buy the album. I have to say though that some of their songs sounded the same live. But that happens with a lot of bands.