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  • Avatar de Retro_Saiyan
    Anything which made the top 40 in the 2000s is a million times worse than this 1980s song.
  • Avatar de j7ndominica
    Sing along in purrrrfect timing :3
  • Avatar de hosswr10
    First time I heard this was on an old Cassette tape as a child. Loved it ever sense. Thanks lastfm for bringing back great memories. Peace.
  • Avatar de midliferickman
    Hey, guess what? We Jazzercise to this! (One of the best tummy routines ever!) "Knee deep in the poop-la!"
  • Avatar de spacecircus
    We built this city on rock and roll ! How could you deny such an epic line? it totally makes the chorus. Love that over the top 80s feel.
  • Avatar de apostolicupci
    another great starship song. peace be with you
  • Avatar de Overdose52
    Lol how could anyone vote this the worst song of the 80s, it's a tune.
  • Avatar de RoomForSymmetry
    We built this Schmitty on Tooootsie Rolls!
  • Avatar de slushie360
    knee deep in the hoopla.
  • Avatar de jarrbluesyjazz
  • Avatar de rockandrolljoe
  • Avatar de nitty_look
    I love this song sooo much! I could listen to it again and again! For me one of the best songs of the 80's!
  • Avatar de exeter232
    I remember when this song came out, and certain cities had their DJ's fill in a voice over about their city. They say it's the worst song of the 80's, but I was there and I never to vote. I wouldn't of voted or this one. Now, Laura Branigan and Gloria....
  • Avatar de UncleDavenage
    I hate that I have to do the backing vocals myself on this version.
  • Avatar de carpentry-anni
    wie kann ich die videofunktion ausschalten???
  • Avatar de ManCalled7Sun
    We built this city, we built this city on rock and rolllllll! Yeah!!
  • Avatar de sidney_adv
  • Avatar de Puppies_On_Acid
    "We built Chip City on alllll your doooough!!"
  • Avatar de BennoTiger
  • Avatar de midnight_angel
    Love this song but it's not the same without Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas.
  • Avatar de tomrud73
    LOVE that '80s hair!
  • Avatar de tomrud73
    sooooo corny. but a 'guilty' pleasure for sure! if liking this song is WRONG I don't want to be RIGHT!!!
  • Avatar de Otokichi
    Accept no substitutes:
  • Avatar de KingFahtah
    I HATE RE-RECORDS!!! [2]
  • Avatar de BRUROX8
  • Avatar de csfernandez1977
  • Avatar de BMWPRETTY
    We Built City on ROCK & ROLL! Spank!
  • Avatar de PETEWAY
    coffee house version.
  • Avatar de toykun
  • Avatar de rphillips1971
    I did some searching and I found this version on a compelation album, full of knock offs and badly done remastered stuff. This is so not from Knee Deep in the Hoopla. I wore that tape out and not once did I hear the DJ part in this version. I love the real version of this song, its a long time fav of mine.
  • Avatar de vegcat89
    Don't like this version!
  • Avatar de AbbaFan1972
    The song isn't the original version! Can you flag it up?
  • Avatar de Xmsteel
    I prefer the real version... :\
  • Avatar de KingFahtah
    Weird re-recorded version
  • Avatar de FanOf25
    Built this city!
  • Avatar de goodspeedkill16
    Haters gonna you guys suck :D
  • Avatar de goodspeedkill16
    Lol love this....classic XD
  • Avatar de sirthorty
    it is like it is...these guys are great
  • Avatar de RSBlack117
    It's a good catchy song. Doesn't deserve so much hate, especially with nowadays "artists" .
  • Avatar de IRSARGE
  • Avatar de wellagainbrege
    ooooooo oohhhh
  • Avatar de c1k3
    This song deserves every ounce of hatred it receives.
  • Avatar de Bastard1
    The muzak of Hell, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Avatar de njokmo413
    awesome song... why is this always voted as one of the worst songs of all time!?
  • Avatar de PerseusPrince
    ".... Don't you remember .... "
  • Avatar de IRSARGE
    SWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT !!!
  • Avatar de IRSARGE
    God knows, I LOVE Thissssssssssssss
  • Avatar de BRUROX8
    A lousy re-record!! C'mon,, plays the REAL stuff!
  • Avatar de darek_pl
    good song
  • Avatar de Bandit17C
    "Knee-deep in the hoopla." Yeah, I know the feeling.


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