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  • How can this be the worst song when you have Britney Spears and Rap and Justin Beiber and other sorry ass songs??Just asking.
  • Love Grace Slick
  • mf garbage
  • Don't like live versions! Will search for the LP version.
  • great live version....awesome band!!!!!
  • As should be a-lyin' in graveyard
  • BTW: great version.....
  • Completely agree Soccerfan831, well said!
  • I remember this tune on Mtv....when they played real music....I think they won awards for it if I'm not mistaken!!!!!!.....I agree with you Soccerfan831..!
  • VH1 has the audacity to call this the worst # 1 song; wow, that says a lot coming from a station that plays mind-blowing shows like basketball wives
  • Amazing music, No music can beat the 60-90s. The music these days suck.
  • Extra
  • Love the original...don't love 'we built this city on hockey town'
  • For people of my generation this is the signature Starship/Airplane song. Remember it well , it was playing all over the radio the week I went away to college. One of the great Top ten hits of the 80s
  • I have one question for VH1 and others : why the song was ''the worse song ever'' peak No.1 in U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on November,16 1985???
  • this not the good one
  • :-) great memories!
  • VH1 can call this the worst song ever but that won't stop me from loving it.
  • sounds like karaoke at Grace`s house,sheesh.!
  • LOVE IT!
  • Rock and Roll City
  • Sweet !
  • ``Clear the mechanism !!!``
  • Fond memories
  • Nothing better than hearing this song in The Muppets
  • Folks can hate all they want... I love this song. :)
  • I remember this song being better than this.
  • F**kin Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Best Cheese song Ever after alot of Beer!!!!!
  • we built this city on red wing
  • I love this song
  • If Blender hates it...then it must be good.
  • worst :)
  • Wow! This song is so pop. Nothing like the real rock and roll that Jefferson Airplane used to play...
  • I dont care if this is labeled as one of the worst songs of all time,I'll NEVER hate it!
  • Timeless!
  • Rock on !
  • good old days :-)
  • Window down...wind streaming in as you fly down the highway...and this song blasting!!...arh ..the life!!
  • knee deep in clunge
  • knee deep in the that.
  • Woooo Gotta Love the 80s
  • I loved how local DJ's made this song about each town.
  • This song remember me trips with my familly, when I was a child.....I don´t know why :)
  • can anyone say ROAD TRIP? Oh yeah. Sweet.
  • I have no idea what they are singing about but it's a good beat!
  • Is it White Rabbit? Not even CLOSE. Is it one of those songs you crank up REALLY loud on a road trip? Yes.
  • what a time
  • Classic 80's biatch


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