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  • SotL shoutbox used to be THE place. . .
  • Stars of the Lid forever.
  • so good live
  • :_ )
  • The pinnacle.
  • we expect 4 disc's on their next album, no less [2] yeah, but honestly I'll take some fart sounds from them at this point tbh
  • Shrek is love
  • v = Yeah, as if you really have a log cabin. It's pretty much common knowledge how those things only exist in fairy tales. Upon a different note, check out [url=]the painting[/url] I've just composed of Wally's Fortress. The stretch of sand you see there? That's where Wally has combat training against the Great Worms of Arrakis each morning. He's pretty much invincible due to all his hardcore capoeira training since birth, so please don't worry. I mean for anybody aside from the sandworms.
  • It'll take a lot more than you 2 goofballs to ban me from the internet! Hell, I'd say nothing short of a giant multi-megaton meteor strike taking out my log cabin as I sleep would be able to pull such a feat off.
  • Always.
  • Garden State was specifically composed to appeal to troglodytes. You wanna see something truly great? [url=]Click here[/url]. Definitely the most down to earth film of all creation.
  • n.b. - Garden State is perhaps the greatest film ever created.
  • I get to see them 2 days in a row (New Hampshire/NYC)!! I am so unbelievably excited.
  • my roads are expanding
  • the story is something like happy egyptian family warming under the sun.
  • nice UPHEAVAL avatar dude. ever seen [url=]this vid[/url]?
  • I compiled a new list featuring recommended ambient music for free download (see my profile), enjoy.
  • "I mean, really, when you think of it, all this time that a record hasn't been released — that was us releasing a record, but it was the most minimal record we've ever released and nobody knew it was a record."
  • downvoted
  • if you like SOTL you may also like [url=]Young Giant Marbles[/url].
  • I blast this shit through my subwoofer in my bmw
  • hello i have lots of many portable
  • @Opus6 - [url=]Ask and thou shalt receive[/url]. (◑‿◐)
  • I need a new album or single.
  • Avec Laudulenum is a sexy album.
  • music thats pretty gay tbh
  • if you like SOTL you may also like []Phil Collins[/url]
  • Music that transcends mere sound, composing some sort of majestic mirror for the listener's mind as well: what we hear isn't simply what we hear, but also who we truly are. [8]
  • It's not too surprising that you fools can argue over literally nothing as this whole fucking band page is people substantiating 'art' to non-music in the first place.
  • Bugger off, silly kid. I don't even know you (thank God).
  • This music truly transcends reality, bringing us -whilst listening- closer to eternity than any other artist will ever pretend to be able to. Anyone who dislikes this must be a close-minded buffoon that only listens to vulgar pop music.
  • you guise wanna hear some real music [url=]here lemme educate you[/url].
  • This 'band' is truly pretentiousness incarnate, all I hear are boring sound waves repeating themselves ad infinitum. There aren't even any instrument sounds here. WTF!
  • i enjoy this music
  • @beatsdontstop Hopefully man! i still need to listen to their older work haha :P
  • @KEYBODE - well it does sound like they are getting closer to a new record. Happy days.
  • Rejoice:
  • Update: I've just listened through Taphead as well and there does appear to be a bit of polka interwoven deep within.
  • @ballsaskmack: Cheladas is a delusional goofball who probably hears polka non-stop as some tragic sort of tinntinnabulation affliction or however the hell it's spelled.
  • @Cheladas, I've just played Taphead as loud as my volume knob would go and I didn't hear any polka, wtf¿!
  • Avec Laudenum as the album where it all began?
  • @Opus6 = Best album to begin with is [url=]Maneuvering the Nocturnal Hum[/url].
  • they must have deleted it off there, but they posted on Facebook saying that represses of Refinement and Tired Sounds are coming soon. Also telling people to be patient and not spend so much on ebay for them.


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