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  • Every fuckin day, every fuckin day Every fuckin day it's a fuckin friday
  • whats purrp been up to
  • rip nigga
  • swag
  • Strongest discography in years.
  • Качает
  • wtf happened? where did he go?
  • This man can say all the shit he desires, his music was the only thing that resonated with me when I was in the absolute dark and he will always remain a legend to me.
  • blackland was all bangers
  • That "Ridin' N Da Chevy" sample on "Perfect"
  • rip sgp's career u was a real one
  • oh shit his career is over thank god
  • A legend.
  • This guy would've been a legend if he died in 2012.
  • ohuenno
  • I miss old SGP :^(
  • Pretty much all I listen to anymore
  • I remember bumpin blackland back in 11, good fucking days bruh [3]
  • rip sgp 2010-2013
  • rip
  • i know someone has all his singles in a pack somewhere, who wants to hook it up?
  • Happy birthday to the one and only.
  • PYRO
  • need new stuff
  • I remember bumpin blackland back in 11, good fucking days bruh [2] miss that shit
  • Friday blew out my phone's speaker, damn it damn it damn it
  • She higher than a god she gonna throw it back hard
  • SUCK A DICK 2015
  • I remember bumpin blackland back in 11, good fucking days bruh
  • My god the remaster of I Love Lean... Purrp I adore you.
  • he REMASTERED NASA GANG forreal tho!! check it out its dope as fuck
  • hey markese!! it's your brother, i miss you!!!
  • blackland>everything else [6]
  • nah they kissed and made up on twitter, the dream team could be back. I'm praying for that production credit on whatever Rocky puts out next, or a straight feature from either of them
  • While it would be cool if he joined ASAP doesn't he still have beef with Rocky about stealing lyrics and shit?
  • he should join asap as an in-house producer and pocket feature, he tries way too hard to be that prolific underrated artist trope he worships so much and it's just not his lane. he brings the heat for features, his production credit is like a guaranteed seal of quality but seeing his name in the artist tag just doesn't excite anyone anymore
  • So Purrp left Raider Klan. They're as good as dead now
  • blackland radio 66.6 > everything else [5]
  • SERIOUSLY, blackland radio 66.6 > everything else [4]
  • purp/slomo/dream/weird/bass
  • blackland radio 66.6 > everything else [3]
  • Is he still getting ethered by 11 year olds? [2]
  • blackland radio 66.6 > everything else [2]
  • I wish this guy didn't go crazy. I guess he was too obsessed with staying underground.
  • blackland radio 66.6 > everything else


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