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New Damage (5:40)


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  • what a fuckin' legendary voice. unmatched imho.
  • this drives me fucking wild
  • kann Mann eine noch geilerè stimme haben?????!!!!!
  • Cornell singing like there's no tomorrow. Unreal.
  • This is not grunge you fucking idiots.
  • young chris cornells voice could strip paint off walls
  • a new world order ... a new word for hate.
  • get out before you drown
  • I'm in love :)
  • That opening scream is awesome.
  • so fuckn good...mmmm
  • chris' scream at the start, ugh.
  • Awesome! Cornell at his best??
  • Best Soundgarden/C.Cornell album EVER.
  • this album... this freaking album...
  • dis is my shit
  • EPIC
  • Version with Brian May > Badmotorfinger version.
  • best soundgarden song period
  • 100% grunge ;P
  • first listen... ho-ly cra-puh. GOOD. will be checking these guys out moar
  • łyykam was ;d
  • Just classic.
  • One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands!
  • Oh God I wish i could scream and shout alike!
  • Wow! I never realized that this track is almost identical to "Mailman" off of Superunknown. Seriously, it's a good song, but that's way too similar. The riff and even the words, like "going down" vs. "i know i'm headed for the bottom"- it's like 2 versions of the same song!
  • and my teens rise again...
  • old school Cornell is just so much better than where he is now. It's a completely different world. Soundgarden is the shit!
  • Monument !
  • x) <3
  • The masters of their era...
  • incredible song. feel very privileged to have seen them live a couple of times. the music of my youth.
  • Chris Cornell was such a unique lyricist; you can google faceless poison and all you get is this song.
  • Thayil is so fuckin underrated :(
  • yessss
  • Very hard guitar
  • Because Chris did stuff like this I'm prepared to accept what he's doing with Timbaland. He blew his voice to pieces for us for the best part of two decades, he can do what he likes. And as a teenager Kim Thayil blew my mind with this track. I had no idea how he made that noise.
  • Nice song. chris u are great everytime!!!
  • *****
  • mmm sludgy. Fuck I love Kim Thayil.
  • booooring
  • Baaaaaaaad. Get out, before you drown. @(-<
  • So vicious; I love it.
  • Correct, i've just tagged my favourite tracks on the album and i don't think i've missed any.
  • Badmotorfinger doesn't have a single song that's weaker than the others.
  • the wreck is going down!
  • Awesome song.
  • i'm luving it

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