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Sonic Syndicate est un groupe Suedois de Death Mélodique/Metalcore formé en 2002 sous le nom de Fallen Angels Le groupe est composé des deux freres Sjunesson ( Roger ( guitare ) et Richard Sjunesson ( back vocal )),leur cousin Robin Sjunesson, du chanteur Roland Johansson, de la bassiste Karin Axelsson et du Batteur John Bengston.

En 2005 Sonic Syndicate enregistre leur premier album avec le label Pivotal Rockordings : Eden Fire

Ensuite en 2005 le groupe remporte un concour organisé par le grand label… en lire plus

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  • On the topic of The Unguided I liked Hell Frost but Fragile Immortality was boring
  • The only thing The Unguided has going for it in terms of post-LAOD evolution is the lyrics, which are way beyond most of what can be found on WRTN, which was that album's weakest point by far. Self titled album improved in that regard, but had, for the most part, rather lackluster songwriting... And while Hellfrost was a decently diverse album, Fragile Immortality was just incredibly samey. Every song felt like a copy/paste.
  • @MachineAnimal: I can't say I agree. The Unguided is far too safe and mainstream imo. Honestly, when listening to a lot of their tracks, they're really not too far from WRTN in terms of commercial appeal. Except that they're absolutely drowning in poppy synths most of the time, which ends up making them sound MORE commercially accessible than WRTN ever was. I mean, at least WRTN had tracks like "Break of Day", "Heart of Eve" and "Dead And Gone". What's the fastest, heaviest track The Unguided has? I'd say "Collapse My Dream" and it's on the level of an average Sonic Syndicate track at best in terms of intensity and energy.
  • Id say that LAOD was their downfall, it had a few worthwhile tracks on it but a lot of the choruses never stuck out or were that memorable and some of the softer Alt Rock tracks were cringeworthy boring to sit through.
  • The Unguided sounds like what Sonic Syndicate should have evolved into after Love and Other Disasters. Yeah, they sound slightly different but I want my bands to evolve.
  • Okay I take back what I said before their older stuff isnt too bad.
  • To be fair, The Unguided is hardly anything resembling "real Sonic Syndicate" either. Save from having the same vocalists and guitarist, they sound nothing like golden era Sonic Syndicate.
  • i dont get the appeal for this band, like im all cool for poppy sounding melodeath but this is just way too much
  • this is not sonic syndicate anymore....real sonic syndicate is ''The Unguided'' only thing that is missing in that band is Karin :)
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