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  • The new album is great and much better than We Rule the Night. Maybe even the best Sonic Syndicate album for me but will have to listen more to confirm that.
  • The new album is pretty good. The choruses annoy me. They all sound the same. The versus sound different from each other and most of them kick ass. It has a nice mix between the old stuff and We Rule the Night. So if you want something better than We Rule the Night, I think it's worth a listen. IMO I think We Rule the Night was better but I know anyone who doesn't like Nathan will definitely disagree with me on that.
  • I expected a complete trainwreck of the new album, but it's actually not that bad. I quite enjoy it. It's not "Only Inhuman" but that's no surprise. [2]
  • I expected a complete trainwreck of the new album, but it's actually not that bad. I quite enjoy it. It's not "Only Inhuman" but that's no surprise.
  • this is utter shit
  • Good new album 4/5.
  • I really, really wanted to like this album but it just doesn't do anything for me. It saddens me cause it really sounds like they tried their best but this music simply isn't strong at all. The fact that now they only have one singer doesn't help at all cause the vocal dynamics got a lot more boring and predictable (of course this doesn't apply to Before You Finally Break which is a great track). Hate to say it but unless I'll find it at some ridiculous price I ain't gonna buy it.
  • That's a quote from Dr. Strangelove, couldn't help it. For me all the songs sounding exactly the same is a huge weak point. And I really think old SS didn't sound any more different from other melodeath acts than any other melodeath act. They had their style but it still was generic. I've stopped listening to MDM because of all those simillar bands boring me to hell.
  • Also, I don't agree that old SoSy was boring. Sure, the formula was was not exactly anything special, but their sound was distinct and entirely their own. Largely because of Roland, I believe. There really isn't any other band that sound like old SoSy. The closest one would come would be the "Alive" and "Tomorrow Is Today" singles by dEMOTIONAL.
  • Where does the "mein fuhrer" part come in? If there is a weak point in the album, aside from the songs overall being pretty similar (though still distinguishable), it's that the choruses generally aren't very strong. Only "Unbreakable" has a truly great chorus. Though on the other hand, the verses are fucking awesome. On all the tracks imo. Very catchy while still being heavy.
  • Took a listen to a few songs from the new album and I'm dissapointed. I don't give a crap if a band sells out or not (hint: metal is already mainstream. Sorry, listened to too much underground music to deny it). SS swapped their boring (if solid) melodeath sound to actualy kinda' unique style on We Rule The Night. Sure, it was a sell out album, but it was interesting at that, much more so than the generic music they played before. And now, thanks to as always wonderfully tolerant metal community that shits at every band's attempt at changing sound, they sell out again. Unfortunetly seems like attempting to please the metal massess resulted in a boring-ass mix of trying-too-hard-to-be-METAL-MEIN-FUHRER-I-CAN-GROWL!-verses and hey-we're-still-catchy!-choruses. I still have to take a listen to the entire album but from what I've read here.. What a dissapointment.
  • And it wasn't the variety that pissed people off with WRTN. It was the fact that most of the album was so commercial in sound. So tailored to the mainstream masses (compared to their old records, mind you). So it came off as just a massive sellout album. And no one who's into alternative music likes it when bands sell out. And why would they care what Richard thought? He's no longer in the band. Or even Roger for that matter, even though he seemingly only left the band in order to focus on The Unguided with Richard, rather than because he had a beef with the album or the band like Richard did.
  • It's a nitpick on its own, sure. But it's just one part of a bigger problem. For one, if you're concious of it, that alone does a lot of making the songs sound similar. That among other things, like especially the synth. Not to mention that the tempo and even the melodies are very predictable. I don't mind a band being fomulaic, but Fragile Immortality was formulaic to the point of absurdity. Pretty much the only song that stands out even slightly is "Enforce". All the other songs just blend together with barely any distinction between them. And the worst part is that the band claimed that they were going out of their comfort zone and put more effort into that album. What? At least on Hellfrost you could actually tell the songs apart from each other...
  • That must be the stupidest example of nitpicking in a long while. Hey guys, have you noticed how many songs have screaming in the verses and singing in the choruses? Or how almost all songs are in either C minor or F minor? How they're all structured almost exactly the same? If you liked either sonic syndicate or the unguided to begin with you really shouldn't complain about them being formulatic in their song writing, because they always were. This new record isn't bad, I'd just like to point out that most of the band complained that only inhuman and laod were too samey, they then tried to forcefully push WRTN in as many directions as they could while alienating the people who wrote almost all of their songs up to that point which caused them to leave. They've now realised that they fucked up and are trying their best to replicate the old sonic syndicate formula while pretending nothing happened. And it came out samey.
  • I dunno if anything can top LAOD. That album is a masterpiece. In regards to FI, have you noticed how many of the choruses begin with a small pause?
  • В плане звучания ничего особенного, но рубят довольно бодро )
  • Well not just the keys,most of the songs in FI are sounding the same.Songs like Inception,Eye Of The Thylacine,Only Human and Singularity really stands out ,but the rest of the album is quite the same,and so what if unguided had more riffs in FI,they even got more solos in it but they all sound like for the sake of being there and not because they fit.Hellfrost was better album in my opinion,and dont get me wrong the new sonic is not a masterpiece but it is far better than WRTN and LAOD. Ps: and better than FI :D
  • I totally have, there are how many riffs used, 2, 3? ^^ FI songs are different enough but maybe for someone they sound the same because of Pontus' keys.
  • @DaveBFC: How on earth is Nathan useless?
  • Got to know their song "before you finally break" from a facebook-post of "Any Given Day". Amazing song, I will check out their album
  • They need to get rid of Nathan the useless twat!
  • @Meat_Wolf: Sorry dude, but if you like Fragile Immortality, then you have no business complaining about this album sounding samey.
  • So now that we've established that Sonic Syndicate has redeemed themselves and that the new album is at the very least decent, let's thumb up some pictures of the current lineup.
  • Well, We Rule The Night is forgiven. New record is very solid. I can smell Eden Fire sometimes and I like it!
  • New album is definitely better than The Unguided. Pretty nice.
  • Well the new album is good (not great,but good) and in my humble opinion is better than the Generic Fragile imortality...
  • The new record is just average and yea, all the songs are too much alike. Also, what on earth is with the production? It's absolutely horrible. Did the sound engineer have otitus? Fragile Immortality is miles ahead of this anyway.
  • I like their new album. Before You Finally Break and Catching Fire are really great.
  • sigh
  • Before You Finally Break and Unbreakable are great, but I hardly remember the rest of the songs. Nothing special, better than We Rule the Night, anyway.
  • It's decent but all songs sound almost exactly the same
  • Im not really convinced by the new record but i just have listened to it once. I guess it will grow into me after some more repeats!
  • Really liked the new album, but it's a copy of We Rule The Night but in a different way on the good side! :)
  • new tracks are total and absolute bullshit.
  • Офигенная группа, очень нравится, со дня на день выходит новый альбом в Европе
  • Nah. It's just modern poppy Alt. Rock with some harsh vocals thrown in.
  • Turn It Up is nu metal....
  • The closest thing this band has ever gotten to being Nu Metal was 'Revolution Baby' on WRTN, and even that was still far from Nu Metal. Groove, I can agree (no more than their peers in Soilwork and Disarmonia Mundi, but still...), but not Nu Metal.
  • There's no death metal in their sound. never was. grunts and guitars don't mean death metal. This is like Arch Enemy Groove/Nu Metal with some harsh vocals and some melodies. Real Melo-death sounds like Dismember or Edge of Sanity for example.
  • German review for the new album online at "Sonic Syndicate" gets 7,5 out of 10!
  • Three years ago, I'd have agreed with you, but the new tracks sound awesome so far.
  • This band died after [album artist=Sonic Syndicate]Love and other Disasters[/album].
  • Yeah. Both Richard and Roland, as well as Roger are in The Unguided now.
  • Did both old singers leave the band? I see only Nathan on the new pic..oO
  • Cool band
  • Eden Fire wasn't REALLY Sonic Syndicate, though. Most of the songs on Eden Fire were songs from when they were called "Fallen Angels", re-recorded.
  • Change a bands vocals and you might as well change their name. IMO Eden Fire will remain their best work. New stuff is too cheesy for me.
  • New song is really fucking good. Reminds me a lot of their old stuff.
  • Before You Finally Break! Amazing song. After a long time, I have heard something that satisfied my Ears.
  • Could never get into this band but Before You Finally Break is amazing! :)


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